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Fic- Messy Boys

Title: Messy Boys

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: Adult- sex act, spanking, bed wetting.

Spoilers: Nothing major

Summary: Ianto is naughty and is punished.

Disclaimers: I own nothing.

Notes: This is oncomingscone’s fault. Of course. Really enjoyed writing this. Hope you enjoy reading it everybody! Comments please!




Ianto woke slowly and found himself surrounded by warmth. He sighed happily. It was cold in the room but he was nice and warm under Jack’s duvet. He turned his head and saw that Jack was peacefully sleeping next to him, half turned towards the wall on the other side of him, with his arm reaching for Ianto in his sleep. Ianto snuggled closer to Jack. This was nice. He was warm. He was cosy. He didn’t have to get up.

Ianto wriggled. He needed a wee. He wriggled some more and Jack shifted.

“Quit wriggling,” he grumbled, his voice heavy with sleep.

Ianto wriggled a bit more. “I need a wee.”

“Well go then.”

Ianto wriggled a bit more. “But I’d have to get up.”

“Get up then.”

“But it’s cold!”

“You’d be colder if you wet yourself,” said Jack, grinning and still with his eyes shut.

Ianto blushed and squirmed. “I’m not going to wet myself.”

Jack chuckled. “Get up then.” He rolled over away from Ianto and his breathing slowed again. He’d gone back to sleep.

Ianto turned over on his front and snuggled into the warmth. He really, really didn’t want to get up. But his crotch was starting to hurt as his bladder strained. He buried his head in his pillow and breathed out slowly. His breath warmed his face.

He could do it. He could stay right here, nice and warm and let it all go. Jack was asleep. He wouldn’t know. Ianto giggled a little as the thought crossed his mind that Jack could easily realise what was going on.

His cock was hard pressing against the mattress as he thought about what he was going to do. Fear tingled in his stomach then, slowly, daring replaced it. He was going to be naughty and to hell with the consequences.

He relaxed and felt his cock soften in preparation for what he was going to do. He held his breath, savouring the control he had. He listened to Jack’s breathing, took a deep breath then let it all go.

A rush of wet warmth surrounded him and he felt relief overcome him. He let out a groan as he felt his own wee spill out from him and seep through his boxers, his pyjama bottoms and into the sheets below him.

He groaned, pressing into the mattress as he finished his wee. It was over. He’d done it. He grinned, then started to giggle. He’d been naughty. Very naughty. And it felt so good.

He pressed his cock into the mattress, feeling it harden in response to the warmth and the pressure. He began to move, rubbing himself in his own little puddle of wee. He cock twitched and began to throb as he kept thrusting into the mattress. He gasped as he thrust hard. Jack shifted and Ianto tensed, holding himself completely still.

Jack didn’t move again and Ianto relaxed. He wriggled. His cock had softened and he was lying in a cold puddle of his own making.

He huffed into his pillow. He was cold, frustrated and definitely not horny anymore.

“Jack,” he whimpered.

Jack squinted at him. “What?”

“I had an accident.”

Jack’s eyes flew open. “What?”

Ianto chewed his lip. “I had an accident.”

Jack sat up and gave Ianto a hard look. “An accident? Or accidently on purpose being very naughty?”

Ianto squirmed. “The second one.”

Jack sighed. “Right. Tell me exactly what you did.”

Ianto wriggled. “You know what I did.”

“Tell me.”

“I…I wet the bed.”

“On purpose, Ianto.”

“Yes. On purpose.” A shameful blush crept over his face.

Jack sighed. “Right, let’s sort you out.” He got up, pulled back the covers and manoeuvred Ianto out of the bed. Ianto wriggled a little but was glad Jack had hold of him by the arm and not by the ear. He couldn’t be that cross.

Jack looked down at the bed and surveyed the damage. There was a dark wet patch, still spreading, where Ianto’s crotch had been.

“Ianto if this has gone through to the mattress, you‘ll be getting the belt.”

Ianto trembled at the threat and thanked the lord for the mattress protector but before he had time to respond, he found himself being stripped roughly of his soaking pyjama bottoms and his underpants. He was shivering a little now, both out of fear and of the cold of his wet skin. He wriggled and whimpered. Jack paused in his removal of Ianto’s pyjamas to give Ianto’s bottom a sharp smack.

“Keep still,” he said firmly. “You’re in enough trouble.”

Ianto bit his lip and stood still as Jack stripped his bottom half completely naked. The cold air travelled across his wet skin and made him feel extraordinarily vulnerable.

Jack was paying him any attention, just efficiently getting on with cleaning him up. He went to the bathroom and brought back a wet cloth.

Jack knelt down to wipe him clean. Ianto couldn’t help but yelping and leaping backwards when Jack first swiped him with the cloth.

“Hey!” he shouted. “That’s cold.”

Jack frowned up at him, then reached up and smacked his bottom hard. “I told you to stay still.”

Ianto pouted valiantly. His bottom stung with that sharp smack. Jack gave him a warning look but Ianto stood still so Jack didn’t smack him again.

He finished cleaning him up, then took hold of him by the wrist and led him towards the corner.

“Now, you stay right there whilst I sort the bed out.”

“Oh, but…”

“Stay there,” said Jack firmly. “Nose to the wall. Hands on your head.” He put his hand over Ianto’s bottom. “And if I were you, I’d stay still and quiet whilst I get this done. You don’t want to get yourself into more trouble do you?”

Ianto sniffed. “No, sir.”

Jack patted his bottom gently, then turned away and went to sort the bed out.

Ianto stayed as still as he could. But the cold air still shivered across his skin and the sharp smacks still lingered on his bottom. He wriggled a little but managed to keep his hands on his head and his nose to the wall. He listened to the sounds of Jack stripping the bed and remaking it.

Then Jack returned to him, put his hand on his bottom and spoke close to his ear. His voice was firm but patient.

“You’ve been very naughty, Ianto. You and I both know that you did that on purpose because you couldn’t be bothered to get up out of bed.”

“It was cold,” Ianto mumbled.

Jack took hold of his wrist. “Oh don’t worry,” he said darkly, “I’m going to warm you up all right.”

Ianto shivered in anticipation as Jack tugged him back over to the bed. It had been changed and Ianto wanted to climb inside and go back to sleep. But they had something to deal with first.

Jack sat down on the bed and immediately tugged Ianto right over his lap. Ianto tried to wriggle, feeling incredibly vulnerable but Jack held him tight.

“Oh, no, Ianto. You’re not getting away from this.” He adjusted Ianto so that his still wet bottom was sticking right up in the air at the perfect angle for his spanking, and so that his legs were up off the floor. Ianto supported himself as much as he could with his hands on the floor but he knew Jack had him completely, had him captured and wouldn’t let him go until he was finished with him.

There was a moment’s pause and Ianto fought the urge to wriggle with anticipation.

Jack began to speak. “Ianto, you’re being punished because you wet the bed, on purpose because you were too lazy to get out of bed. Do you understand?”

Ianto sniffed. “Yes, sir.”

“Good,” said Jack and he brought his hand down sharply on Ianto’s bare bottom.

It stung. Ianto whimpered and tried again to wriggle away but he couldn’t. Jack didn’t pause. He fell into a punishing rhythm, spanking Ianto hard and spreading stinging heat all over his bottom.

Ianto started to cry and really started to regret not getting up for a wee. His bottom stung and was beginning to feel hot and tender. Jack kept on spanking, slap after stinging slap landing squarely across Ianto’s buttocks.

Ianto knew his bottom must be bright red by now but Jack didn’t stop. He kept on going and Ianto knew he couldn’t escape. He knew he was going to be punished until Jack decided he’d got what he needed and deserved.

 Jack stopped and Ianto hoped it was over.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” he said.

“I’m sure you are,” said Jack. “But this isn’t over yet.”

Ianto craned around to see what Jack was doing. He couldn’t quite see but Jack was definitely picking something up.

“I won’t have you making a mess of our bed just because you can’t be bothered getting up. You’re a big boy now and you know not to behave like this.” He tapped Ianto’s bottom with something. Ianto tried to work out what it was.

“You’re getting twenty with the hairbrush,” Jack said and immediately brought the hairbrush down hard on Ianto’s bottom.

Ianto yelped but didn’t try to get away as Jack delivered the twenty smacks with the hairbrush hard and fast.

Ianto didn’t think his bottom could get any hotter or any more tender but it did and as Jack laid down the hairbrush, Ianto’s bottom, not to mention his cock, was throbbing and hot. He was panting and wanted to thrust against Jack’s lap but Jack was holding him too firmly. Jack laid down the hairbrush and laid his large hand over Ianto’s bottom.  

 “I don’t expect you to need punishment for this again, Ianto. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Ianto snivelled. He understood. He just didn’t agree. This had been far too fun.

“Up you get,” Jack said.

Ianto struggled to his feet and when he met Jack’s eyes, he saw arousal in those eyes, mirroring his own.

“Are you going to be a good boy now, Ianto?”

Ianto smiled a little as he noticed Jack was a little out of breath.

“No,” gasped Ianto and Jack immediately stood and grasped Ianto close and kissed him hard.

“You naughty, naughty boy,” Jack gasped. He slid his arm around Ianto’s waist and his hand went to his boxer shorts, pulled out his cock and pressed it against Ianto’s.

Ianto grinned, pressing back eagerly against Jack. “You love it when I’m naughty,” he gasped.

Jack began to move against him, rubbing their hard cocks together. “I love dealing with you when you’re naughty.” He slid his hands down to Ianto’s bottom and gripped his red hot buttocks hard.

Ianto moaned and gasped as he joined Jack in his rhythm and they rubbed hard against each other. They kissed hard, pulled pleasure from each other’s bodies, gasping into each other.


“Let go,” Jack hissed. “Oh, let it all go.”

Ianto did, letting everything go with a joyous cry. Jack held him tight, letting himself go only when he’d given Ianto’s orgasm to him.

They sagged against each other, barely even holding each other up. They were hot, sweaty, shaking and both covered in come.

Ianto bit his lip and looked at Jack. “Erm, shower?”

Jack nodded. “Oh yes. And I may just have to spank you again.”

Ianto opened and closed his mouth several times. “Now what have I done?”

Jack grinned, his eyes twinkling. “You’ve got us in a mess again.” He shook his head with mock anger. “Such a naughty, messy boy.”

Ianto giggled. “You love it.”

Jack smiled. “As always,” he said and led Ianto firmly towards the shower.  


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  • Fic- Trying Something New

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