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Fic- Baby Boy

Title: Baby Boy
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: Adult- mild age play, spanking
Spoilers: Nothing major.
Summary: Jack needs a rest. Ianto figures out one way to help him rest.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!
Notes: Written with my darling oncomingscone, invaluable writing partner always. Comments please!



There’s a reason Jack doesn’t sleep much. Ianto knows the reason and wishes he could help. There are too many nightmares, too many bad memories to relive. Neither of them can do anything about it.

They’re in bed. Jack is lying still and silent, gazing up at the ceiling. Ianto reaches out and touches him, gently stroking his bare stomach, wishing he could do more to soothe him. He wishes he knows what Jack needs, what he can do for him.

“Jack?” he breaths, a question lingering on his lips. Jack doesn’t turn to look at him, doesn’t move, doesn’t speak. He’s lost in some world of memories.

Ianto finds his hand and squeezes it. Jack doesn’t squeeze back. Ianto slips an arm around Jack’s shoulders and tugs slightly.

All of a sudden, Jack is moving, turning himself into Ianto and burying his face in Ianto’s neck.

“That’s it,” Ianto murmurs, though Jack still doesn’t speak. “I’ve got you. You’re all right.”

Jack clings to him, so tightly his knuckles go white. Ianto rubs his back and just holds him, hoping to push the bad away for just a little while.

Gradually, Jack falls asleep in Ianto’s arms. Ianto holds him close, fingers threading through his hair and hopes to keep the nightmares away.

* * *

Ianto is woken in the early morning by Jack’s restless movements. It takes him a moment to realise what’s happening. Jack’s having a nightmare. Sharp little breaths escape his parted lips and his brow furrows. He clings onto Ianto like he’s the only thing in the world, like he can somehow save him from everything, if only Jack holds on hard enough. Ianto wishes it really was that simple, that he really could save Jack from everything, or at least shelter him from it for just a little while.

Jack whimpers and sits up. Ianto holds Jack in his lap and soothes the sweaty hair back from his forehead. He wishes he could do more.

“Mmm,” Jack murmurs, grasping Ianto tightly. “Mmm.”

“Shush,” whispers Ianto, holds him close.

“Mmm,” Jack whimpers and Ianto wonders what he’s dreaming about.

“Mah…mummm. Mum, don’t leave.”

Ianto frowns down at Jack. He’s never heard those words from him before.

“Mummy, come back,” Jack whimpers, straining against Ianto’s hands.

Ianto holds him securely, stroking his skin. “It’s all right. I’ve got you.” Ianto doesn’t know what else to do. He wants to bundle Jack up and look after him but he’s not sure if Jack will allow it.

Jack’s fingers grip Ianto tight and suddenly, he is awake and panting into Ianto’s thigh. Ianto rubs his back.

“You all right?” he asks.

Jack doesn’t answer, just whimpers. After a moment, he pulls back and lies flat on his back, gazing up at the ceiling. He doesn’t speak. Ianto watches him, wondering.

Jack looks so lost. His shoulders seem to slump under the heavy weight of his memories and the sadness within him. What he needs is looking after. What he needs is to have that weight taken from his shoulders. And Ianto knows exactly how.

He bites his lip. It’s early on a Sunday morning. They don’t really have to go in, not yet, not for a little while. They can stay here and Ianto can give Jack exactly what he needs.

“Right, mister, time for your bath, isn’t it?”

Jack looks up at him, frowning in confusion. Ianto pats him affectionately on the head and comprehension dawns.

“Aww, I don’t wanna have a bath,” Jack complains, his eyes lighting happily as he realises what Ianto is offering to do for him.

“You can play with your rubber ducky.”

Jack snuffles into Ianto’s thigh. “M’kay.”

Ianto leans down and kisses the back of Jack’s head, then shuffles out from beneath him. “Come on then, baby boy.”

Jack grins dopily as Ianto leads him through to the bathroom. Ianto sits Jack on the closed toilet seat as he runs the bath. Jack sits as good as gold, waiting for his bath to be run. When the bath is ready, complete with bubbles and Jack’s rubber ducky, Ianto returns his attention to Jack.

Jack feels warm and he smiles as Ianto takes his hand and tugs him to his feet. Jack gazes at the bath filled with bubbles. He can see his face in them, not the face of the little child he wishes to be.

“Ianto,” he whispers, vulnerable and frightened. He wants Ianto to make it all better.

Ianto puts his arm around him. “All right?”

Jack presses his face into Ianto’s neck. “Don’t want to be a grown-up,” he mumbles. “Want to be little.”

Ianto strokes his bare back. “You are little. You’re my little boy and you need a bath.”


“Yes, then you’re going to be put back to bed and you’re going to get the rest you need.”

Jack raises his head and smiles brilliantly. “Yeah.”

Ianto helps him into the bath and Jack sighs contentedly as he finds himself surrounded by gloriously hot water and mountains of bubbles.

Ianto wets the washcloth and begins to wash Jack gently. Jack finds his rubber duck floating amongst the bubbles and he starts splashing it around idly. He makes it dance up his own thigh then up the side of the bath and up Ianto’s arm. He giggles as he leaves a trail of bubbles up Ianto’s arm.

“Got you all soapy,” he says, still giggling.

Ianto raises an eyebrow. “Yes you did, little one,” he says, smiling fondly.

Jack makes the rubber duck dance all the way up Ianto’s arm and to his shoulder.

“Quack, quack!” Jack sits the duck on Ianto’s shoulder and makes him peck at his cheek.

Ianto turns his head and kisses the rubber duck and Jack’s hand gently. Jack giggles and lets the duck go back to play in the bubbles.

He’s compliant as Ianto washes him so Ianto lets him play with the bubbles and splash about until the water gets cold.

Jack climbs out of the bath, holding onto Ianto for support. Ianto stands him on the bath mat, then pulls away to fetch the towel warming on the radiator.

Ianto wraps the towel around Jack. It is too short and reaches only to Jack’s waist. His bottom peeks out from beneath the towel.

Ianto rubs him dry, his hands moving the towel in firm circles over his skin. He rubs his hair dry with another towel, then leads him back through to the bedroom, towel still wrapped around his body. Ianto quietly thinks Jack looks rather adorable with his hair still damp, his cheeks flushed and his towel not covering his bottom.

He kisses Jack on the forehead. “My baby boy,” he murmurs and Jack shivers delightedly. He’s still holding onto Ianto with tight fingers.

Ianto touches his cheek gently then pulls away and goes to Jack’s draw in Ianto’s chest of drawers. He takes out a clean pair of boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. The boxers are also white, with multi-coloured spots. They’re not a pair Jack wears very often but today they’re just right.

He returns to Jack, who's waiting quietly for him. Jack watches Ianto constantly as he is dressed. Once he’s got Jack dressed in his t-shirt and boxers, he looks at him and finds that Jack is just gazing at him, eyes wide and completely trusting. Ianto strokes his hair.

“Into bed now, I think. You’re not a very well boy today and I think it’s because you’ve not been getting enough sleep.”

Jack pouts. “But I don’t want to go to bed. I want to stay up and play.”

Ianto kisses his forehead. “Well tough. You’re going to bed.” He smiles. “I’ll bring you bread and jam and put a film on for you.”

Jack cheers up. “Okay!” He climbs into bed, half sitting up and pulls the covers up to his chin. Ianto gives him a fond smile, then leaves the room to sort everything out.

He returns quickly with a tray of goodies for Jack. There’s bread and jam, an orange cut into segments and arranged in a circle on the plate, a large flapjack and a can of coca cola. He has his doubts about the coke, in case it made Jack hyper but Ianto is sure it’s nothing he can’t handle.

Jack beams when he sees the tray. Ianto places it on his lap, then kisses his forehead and goes to put on the DVD he’d brought.

Jack cheers. “Yay! Star Wars!”

“The Original Trilogy.”

Jack snuggles down and begins to tuck into his treats. Ianto smiles. “I’ll just be in the other room doing some paperwork, okay?”

“Mmph,” Jack says with his mouth full of bread and his lips smeared with jam.

“I’ll check in on you in a little while.”

Jack nods, eyes already fixed on the screen.

Ianto leaves the room. Jack needs some time to relax and doze a bit. Ianto thinks it will be best if he has some time alone to relax.

* * *

Jack has finished all his treats by the time Obi Wan arrives. Jack continues to watch for a minute or two but by the time Luke's home has been destroyed, Jack is getting restless. He gets up and pads through to the living room where Ianto is sitting as his desk, filling out forms.

Jack sidles to him and taps him on the shoulder. “I want to play.”

Ianto looks up at him sternly. “Now, what are you doing out of bed, young man?”

“I want to play,” Jack repeats.

Ianto replaces the lid on his pen and stands. “Well, you need to go back to bed.” He takes Jack’s hands and calmly leads him back to the bedroom.

Jack is pouting but Ianto ignores it and leads Jack right back into bed.

“But I want to play!”

Ianto leans over him as he gets him settles in bed. “Now, be a good boy and stay in bed.” He tickles Jack’s ribs and Jack giggles.

Ianto strokes his hair. “Watch the end of the film. If you’re a good boy and have a nice rest, you’ll get a treat later.”

“I like treats.”

Ianto kisses his forehead. “Good boy. I’ll be back in a little while.”

Jack waits in bed until he hears Ianto sit back down in the front room and get on with his work. Then he gets up again and tiptoes to the door, the sounds of the film covering the sounds of his movements.

He waits at the doorway, feeling mischievous. He’s going to get Ianto’s attention, no matter what. He takes a deep breath, then sneaks out of the bedroom, down the hall and into the kitchen. His eyes are immediately on the cookie jar, or biscuit tin as Ianto calls it. Glancing over his shoulder, he reaches in and retrieves a chocolate Hob Nob. Jack giggles at the biscuit as he holds it up to sniff the lovely rich chocolate. His favourite. Ianto always has Jack’s most favourite biscuits in his tin.

He shoves the biscuit in his mouth, then runs back to the bedroom, waiting for Ianto to come after him.

* * *

Jack has been waiting in bed for Ianto to come after him for several minutes but there is no sign of him. Jack sighs loudly. Ianto hasn’t noticed. Jack picks up his pillow. He wants to play and he is going to play.

Ianto’s head is bent over his work, filling in boxes with his pen. Jack hesitates. Ianto might get cross and Jack didn’t really want to get in proper trouble. But still, this wasn’t very naughty, was it? Ianto wouldn’t get too cross.

Jack raises his pillow and throws it right at Ianto’s head. He doesn’t stay to see if it hits. He turns and runs.

Ianto is right behind him, not running but calmly strolling after him. He catches Jack at the bed and gives his wrist a tiny little smack. It doesn’t hurt, just lets Jack know that he’d be wise to do as he’s told.

“You need to stay in bed, young man. You need your rest.” He tucks Jack into bed, then goes to switch the DVD off. “You’ve had enough excitement, I think. So sleep.”

“But…” Jack protests.

Ianto holds up a finger. “Ah ha. No arguing. If you get out of bed again, you’ll be getting a smacked bottom.”

Jack sniffs.

Ianto reaches out and wipes the biscuit crumbs still clinging to Jack’s lips. “And no more biscuits.” He smiles indulgently. “Little cookie monster.”

Jack snuffles, then wriggles down into bed. Ianto tucks him in, then leaves.

* * *

Ianto sighs as he returns to the living room. His work isn’t important but he knows Jack needs his rest. Little boy or Captain Jack Harkness, he needs his rest. He hopes Jack will understand this now, that he was stern enough to ensure Jack stays in bed. Nevertheless, he keeps his ears open for movement from the bedroom.

It’s not long until he does in fact hear movement. Ianto puts down his pen, turns towards the door and sees Jack standing there. Ianto has to smile. Jack looks completely adorable. He’s looking down at the floor, shuffling his feet and pouting.

“Yes, Jack? Is there a reason you’re not in bed like I told you?”


Ianto arches his eyebrow. “Yes?”

Jack appears to be flailing around for a reason, or rather, an excuse. “Um…there…was a monster under the bed.”

Ianto sighs and gives Jack a withering look. “We’ll chase him out in a moment, then. But first we’ve got to sort you out, haven’t we?”

Jack swallows, knowing he’s in trouble. He wriggles but doesn’t speak.

“What did I say would happen if you didn’t stay in bed?”

Jack shuffles his feet. “You said I’d get a smacked bottom.”

“Yes.” Ianto stands, takes Jack’s hand and leads him back through to the bedroom. “Off you go, monster,” he says, peaking under the bed. “We don’t want you here. Monster, monster, go away, don’t come back any day!”

Jack giggles and Ianto sits down on the bed. “No monsters now.” He pats his lap. “Over here now, because I’ve told you again and again to stay in bed. You need your rest and I’m not going to let you get away with this disobedience.”

Jack quivers. “Sorry.”

“I know. Come on. Over my knee.”

Jack looks torn, like he wants to both run away and to give himself up to Ianto forever. After a moment of wriggling, he obeys, lying over Ianto’s lap and shifting nervously.

Ianto pats Jack’s bottom, covered in those adorable multi-coloured spots. Jack whimpers a little. Ianto raises his hand and brings it down sharply on Jack’s bottom. Jack wriggles just a little as Ianto spanks him. The spanking is not hard, just sharp, stern discipline. Jack feels held and firmly taken care of.

Ianto watches Jack wriggle a bit as Ianto smacks him. He can feel that pert little bottom heating up under his hands and he keeps on smacking. He’s waiting for Jack to relax under Ianto’s discipline.

“Ow!” Jack protests. Ianto tugs down Jack’s spotty boxer shorts and delivers one sharp smack on Jack’s bare red bottom.

Suddenly, Jack’s wriggling ceases and he is fully relaxed over Ianto’s lap. Ianto gives him one final sharp smack and stops, tugging Jack up and into his arms for a cuddle.

“There, there. All better now,” Ianto says, rubbing Jack’s tender bottom better. Jack snivels into Ianto’s shoulder for just a few moments before he pulls back, rubbing one eye in sleepiness.

“I want to go to bed now,” he says.

Ianto smiles and kisses his forehead. “That’s my good boy. My baby boy.”

Jack beams and finds Ianto’s hand. “Bed now. Snuggle.”

Ianto smiles, tugs up Jack’s boxers and leads him to bed. He doesn’t tuck him in this time, but joins him in bed and wraps his arms around him. He holds him close, knowing now that Jack needs him to hold him now, needs him to soothe him through sleep. He watches the smile spread across his face and knows he is soothed.

“That’s it. Hush now, baby boy.”

* * *

It’s afternoon and Jack wakes slowly, stretching and sighing. He’s no longer tired. He feels completely refreshed and soothed. He sits, looks down at Ianto, who’s still sleeping beside him.

He leans over Ianto, gazes into his sleeping face and kisses him softly on the mouth.

“Thank you, Ianto,” he breathes, though Ianto cannot hear him. Ianto will not tell. It will just be between them. “Thank you for letting me be your baby boy.”

* * *

Half an hour later, they are ready for work. Jack finishes lacing up his boots as Ianto fetches his coat. Jack smiles contentedly as Ianto helps him on with his coat. Ianto runs his hand along Jack’s shoulder, enjoying the rough feel of the wool beneath his palm.
“Look at you, all grown up,” he says, kissing Jack’s shoulder.

“Aww, quiet, you young thing.” He turns and kisses Ianto on the lips. “Come on. Time to save the world.” He takes Ianto’s hand and together they leave the house, ready to face the world, because they have each other.



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  • Fic- Trying Something New

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