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Fic- Trying Something New

Title: Trying Something New
Pairing: Jack/Ianto,
Ratings: Adult –sexual activity, spanking
Spoilers: Nothing major
Summary: Ianto wants to try something new.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!
Notes: Comments please!

Ianto’s eyes scanned the computer screen intently. Fascinating, he thought as he read. Something stirred deep down in his belly as he looked at the pictures. This was definitely something he wanted to do.

          ‘Hey, knee deep in research?’ came Jack’s voice.

Ianto jerked and flicked the window down. ‘Erm, yeah,’ he said, flushing.

Jack frowned at him. ‘What’s up with you? Too hot?’

Ianto flushed darker. ‘Erm, yes.’

Jack grinned and stepped closer, far too close as usual. ‘Anything in particular getting you hot and bothered?’ He leaned in. ‘Thinking about me?’ he whispered along Ianto’s jaw.

Ianto shivered and nuzzled into Jack’s mouth as it made it way down his jaw. ‘That’s nice,’ he murmured.

Jack breathed heavily against his skin. ‘Show me what you were looking at.’

‘It’s…nothing,’ Ianto gasped as Jack bit his earlobe.

Jack’s hand strayed into Ianto’s lap and he pressed gently. ‘I want to know what’s got you so excited.’

‘It’s you sucking my neck,’ Ianto whimpered as Jack sucked harder.

‘Nuh uh,’ murmured Jack. ‘You were already excited. Go on, show me,’ he said, beginning to rub at Ianto’s groin.

Ianto jerked up. ‘Oh fuck,’ he gasped.

Jack chuckled. ‘Tell me and I’ll suck you off.’

Ianto whimpered. ‘You fucking tease,’ he gasped.

Jack grinned. ‘Come on, my boy. You know you want to.’

Ianto grumbled. ‘Oh…fuck’s sake.’ He reached out blindly and flicked the window up. ‘Go on then.’

Jack broke off kissing Ianto’s neck to look at the screen. Ianto watched his face. Jack’s lips twitched with amusement.

‘Well, well, well. You researching this for any particular reason?’

Ianto squirmed. ‘I just came across it … thought…it looked…interesting.’

Jack broke his attention away from the screen and brought it back to Ianto. He placed his hands on either side of Ianto’s chair and leaned in close. He fixed Ianto with an intense look.

‘You want to try this, don’t you?’ he asked, his voice deep and husky.

Ianto shuddered and squirmed. ‘I was just…’

‘Ah ah, you can’t kid me, Ianto. You were hard already when I came in here. You want to try this. You want it desperately, don’t you?’

Ianto wriggled. ‘Yes,’ he gasped, his cock fighting his trousers. ‘I wanna try. Please Jack.’

Jack grinned and pulled back. He sank to his knees, jerked open Ianto’s trousers and eased his cock free. He grinned. ‘After this, I want you to go out and get our supplies. Tonight, we’ll try it.’  

Ianto shivered with pleasure. ‘Yeah,’ he gasped as he felt Jack’s hot breath across his cock. He grasped hold of Jack, burying his hands in his hair.

‘You gonna suck me off or not?’

Jack grinned, winked at Ianto and lowered his mouth to Ianto’s cock. Ianto gasped as Jack took him deep in one movement. How the hell did Jack do that?

Immediately, Jack began to suck him off with a hard, hot rhythm. Ianto fell into pleasure, letting it fill his entire body and make his brain go fuzzy. Quick and dirty, that was how it was going. Jack sucked him deep, tongue and throat working hard to give Ianto pleasure.

Ianto couldn’t hold on. He didn’t try to hold onto any control. He knew it was useless when Jack was in control.

Jack swallowed him deep and hummed. Ianto cried out and came. Jack pulled back, stood and leaned in close. He kissed Ianto full force and Ianto got the taste of himself. Jack pulled back and touched Ianto’s cheek tenderly.

‘We’ll do it tonight, yeah. You’ll make everything ready?’

Ianto smiled. ‘Yes, Sir.’

Jack grinned, kissed him softly on the mouth, then pulled back and winked. ‘See ya later.’

Ianto watched him leave. He took a deep breath, then tidied himself up, put his coat on and went out to get the supplies.


The moment had arrived. Everything was ready and waiting and here Ianto was, standing in front of Jack in his bedroom, waiting for him for start.

Jack was taking his time. Ianto was already hard in his pants, waiting for Jack to get the hell on with it already. Jack could really get the anticipation going when he wanted to.

Jack fixed him with one of his intense looks. ‘So, are you ready?’

Ianto nodded, not trusting his voice. Jack smirked. ‘I need to hear you say the words.’

Ianto resisted the urge to swear at Jack, knowing that would get him in actual trouble rather than pretend.

‘Yes,’ he forced himself to say. ‘I’m ready.’

Jack grinned, then reached out, grasped Ianto by the wrist and tugged him straight over his lap. Ianto gasped. He hadn’t been expecting that. Jack didn’t give him much time to adjust. He raised his hand and brought it down with a sharp smack across the seat of his trousers. Ianto squirmed as he felt the heat flare beneath his pants. Jack smacked him again, then again and again. Within seconds, he was spanking Ianto hard, stinging Ianto’s bottom and creating heat in his buttocks and his cock.

Ianto loved this. He loved the thrill of being laid over Jack’s lap, exposed to his smacks, to that heat and throb of being spanked. And more was to come. He was excited about that but scared too. The thought of doing it, what he’d read about it, excited him but what if he didn’t like it? He wanted to like it. He wanted to so much.

Jack paused in smacking him. Impatiently, Jack rubbed himself against Jack’s thigh. Jack chuckled. ‘Have a little patience, Ianto.’

Ianto squirmed. ‘Patience is overrated.’

Jack laughed. ‘Now don’t get cheeky.’ He rubbed Ianto’s bottom through his trousers. ‘Or you’ll find yourself in very big trouble. Maybe even getting a dose of the strap before we move on.’

Ianto squirmed, his tummy aching at the threat. He knew Jack wouldn’t really do that, not when they were playing. But Jack knew how to get Ianto going.

He reached underneath Ianto and undid his belt. Ianto wriggled as Jack peeled his trousers down. They slipped to around his ankles. Jack settled Ianto back down and placed his large hand across his bottom.

‘Feeling nice and hot yet, Ianto? That’s what you want, isn’t it?’

Ianto whimpered and wriggled. ‘Yeah.’

Jack stroked him, then raised his hand. ‘A nice hot bottom is what you’re going to get, Ianto.’

Ianto squirmed in anticipation, torn between the urge to resist and submit. Jack brought his hand down sharply on Ianto’s bottom. The hard and fast rhythm began again and Ianto felt the heat begin to burn in his flesh. He loved this, loved the feeling of Jack creating heat in his body. He was so good at it. And there was more to come.

Jack tugged down his underpants and stroked his bare bottom. ‘Well, you’ve got your own little heat source here, haven’t you?’

Ianto squirmed. ‘Oh, Jack!’ he whined. Bloody Jack, bloody teasing.

Jack just laughed. ‘Let’s get it a little hotter before we move on, hmm?’ He raised his hand and brought it down sharply across Ianto’s bottom. The smack echoed through the room. Ianto cried out as pain and pleasure mixed. His flesh was on fire and not just his bottom. His cock was raging against Jack’s thigh.

Jack laid one final hard smack on Ianto’s bottom, then stopped and rubbed gently. He leaned in close. ‘You’re all hot and bothered now, aren’t you?’ he whispered, his voice husky with arousal but still teasing.

Ianto whimpered.

‘You wanna do it?’

Ianto arched on Jack’s lap. ‘Yes, god yes, fuck yes!’

Jack laughed again. His hand left Ianto’s bottom and picked up the object which was lying on the bed beside him.

‘Just a little bit of lube, I think,’ Jack murmured. A moment later, Ianto felt a cold, wet finger pressing gently at his entrance. He squirmed, longing for the fingers to go deeper.

‘Steady,’ murmured Jack. ‘You’ll be wriggling enough in a minute.’

He pulled back and then there was something else pressing there gently. Ianto knew what it was, since he’d bought and prepared it himself. He didn’t name it in his own head, just focused on the feelings.

It was cool and slim and smooth as Jack eased it inside him. Jack pushed the wide base flush with his cheeks, then released it. Ianto squirmed. It was still cool.

‘When does it get hot?’

‘Soon, Ianto.’

Ianto squirmed over Jack’s lap as sensations began inside him. Jack chuckled softly and stroked his bottom. ‘Feeling something, are you?’

Ianto made a strange noise. It was beginning to tingle inside him. His legs twitched. The heat already throbbing in his bottom was spreading inside him. He kicked out.

‘Ah, Jack, it…’

‘What, Ianto? What does it feel like?’ Jack’s voice was low and breathy.

Ianto squirmed. ‘It’s like … burning but … good. Like a spanking.’ His legs thrashed of their own accord. He arched and squirmed, pressing his cock into Jack’s lap. It felt like he was coming, like the orgasm was taking over his entire body and lasting forever.

‘Oh, god, Jack,’ he gasped.

Jack chuckled again and began to pat Ianto’s bottom. ‘Is this what you expected?’

Ianto arched, squirming and thrusting into Jack’s lap. ‘No, god it’s like an orgasm!’

Jack laughed and laid a few hot and hard smacks across Ianto’s burning cheeks. Ianto thrust, shuddering with pleasure. Jack leaned in close to him, his breath hot on Ianto’s cheek.

‘That’s what the ginger is like, Ianto.’

Ianto couldn’t hold anymore. With a cry, he came all over Jack’s lap, twitching and shuddering and completely out of control.

Jack stroked his bottom. ‘Feel good?’

Ianto felt so good that he couldn’t speak. Jack gave him a moment, then slid out the little ginger butt plug and put it aside.

‘Well? You glad you tried that?’

Ianto hung limply over Jack’s lap. ‘Yeah,’ he gasped. ‘Wanna do it … again.’

Jack laughed and kissed the back of his head. ‘We will but right now you need your bed.’

Ianto squirmed a bit and managed to sit up. ‘But what about you?’

Jack grinned at him. ‘Oh believe me, I got more than enough fun out of watching you.’

Ianto smiled and, letting Jack take care of him, thought about how much he loved trying new things with Jack. He was certain there was absolutely nothing he couldn't try with Jack.

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