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Fic- Begging For Attention

Title: Begging For Attention
Pairing: Jack/Ianto,
Ratings: Adult –sexual activity, spanking
Spoilers: General Series 1 and 2
Summary: Jack wants Ianto’s attention and gets it, eventually.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!
Notes: Comments please!


Jack snuggled in next to Ianto, enjoying the feel of their naked bodies against each other. He loved this, loved just cuddling close to Ianto after a glorious session of fucking. He could never get enough of Ianto’s body: its hardness and strength, its warmth and its softness.

He rubbed against Ianto, wanting him to turn and pet him. Maybe they could rub together a bit.

Ianto made a soft noise and ruffled Jack’s hair. “Don’t start again, pup,” he murmured. “I’m far too...” he paused to yawn, “tired to go again.”

Jack pouted the best he could. Ianto cracked an eye open and laughed. “My libido isn’t quite as strong as yours, Jack.” He kissed Jack’s brow. “Get some sleep.”

He patted Jack on the bottom as a friendly warning to behave, then turned back over and fell asleep. Jack spooned against him, pouting but quickly fell asleep.


They were woken at 6am by the rift alarm. A group of weevils were causing some trouble out by the Livelounge. By the time they’d got them all sorted out, the others had got there and the day had to begin.

Jack was feeling grumpy. He wanted Ianto’s attention and he couldn’t have it. It wasn’t fair. Stupid work. He kicked his desk. Oh why couldn’t the day just end already?

“Are you misbehaving?” asked Ianto from the doorway. Had he seen him kick his desk?

Jack scuffed his feet on the floor. “No,” he mumbled.

Ianto came in and shut the door behind him. He perched on Jack’s desk and put a hand on his shoulder. It was a gentle touch but somehow firm too. “If you break your desk I’m the one who will have to hunt for a new one and you’re the one who’ll find himself in big trouble.”

Jack nodded. Ianto stroked his hair. “So keep your feet to yourself.” He considered Jack for a moment. “Are you all right?”

Jack nodded, fiddling with Ianto’s cuff. “Yes. I just want your attention.”

Ianto chuckled affectionately. He leaned in and kissed Jack’s cheek, then leaned in and whispered in his ear. “You’ll get my attention, all right, my naughty little boy.”

Thrills went through Jack at Ianto’s stern, husky voice. Ianto pulled back. “Later, when the others have gone.”

But Jack didn’t want to wait until the end of the day. He wanted Ianto’s constant attention. He pouted. “It’s not fair.”

Ianto held a warning finger up. “Behave, Jack.”

Jack put his head on one side and focused on looking adorable. It only took a few seconds to break Ianto. A smile erupted from Ianto’s face and he ruffled Jack’s hair. “Just try to be good, pup, for a few hours.”

Jack beamed. “I’m being very good, Ianto.”

Ianto patted his head. “Just keep it that way.”


Jack was bored. Thoroughly bored. It was late afternoon, just a bit too early to send everybody home. But Jack had nothing to do.

He rummaged through his desk drawers and found a packet of chocolate hobnobs. The best biscuits. He crunched his way through one, then emptied out the packet and started to stack them into a tower. He wondered how tall he could make it before it toppled over. Chocolate melted onto his fingers and he licked it off.

He fiddled with the paperwork on his desk. He didn’t know what it was. Something to do with taxes. That was Ianto’s job, paperwork. It was too boring for Jack to bother with.

Jack watched his tower of hobnobs sway. They seemed to be getting very melty. He swiped up some chocolate with his finger and sucked it off. Why couldn’t Ianto come and entertain him?

He made a paper aeroplane out of the tax form and sent it flying across the room. It sailed past the doorframe and out into the main hub. Jack stared after it, then swallowed. He heard muffled talking, then Ianto came in, frowning. His frown deepened when he looked at Jack. Jack’s tummy squirmed, self-consciously. The biscuits were melting on the desk, his paperwork was a mess and he could feel biscuit crumbs clinging to his mouth.

Ianto shut the door firmly and strode over to him. He had the paper aeroplane in his hand. He unfolded it and pressed it flat on Jack’s desk, turning it back into a tax form. He gave Jack a firm look. “You need to fill this in.” He took out his hankie and wiped the crumbs from Jack’s mouth. Jack pouted.

Ianto fetched the biscuit tin from Jack’s cupboard. He demolished Jack’s tower, then put the biscuits away. He wiped the chocolate stains from the desk and gave Jack a full-force look.

“You have twenty minutes. Get it done.”

Jack pouted and watched Ianto stride out. It wasn’t fair. He was the boss! How come Ianto got to tell him what do to? He doodled crossly on the corner of his paper, then hastily rubbed it out. Ianto wouldn’t be happy about that.


Finally, five o’clock came. The others left. Jack heard them go, then Ianto clearing up. He bit his lip and looked down at his work. He hadn’t finished. He hadn’t actually done very much at all.

He got up and peeped out of his window. Ianto was nearly finished cleaning up. In a minute, he’d come in and see that Jack hadn’t done what he was told.

He sneaked over to the door, then tiptoed through it and behind Ianto’s back. He could hide in the archives if he could get past Ianto.

He ran for it. Ianto turned and spotted him. “Jack.” His voice snapped through the air and Jack froze, chewing on his lip. He scuffed his feet against the floor and fiddled with his braces.

“Come here, immediately.”

Jack had no choice but to obey, not when Ianto used that voice on him. He turned and approached. He wriggled as he stood in front of Ianto.

Ianto put his hands on his hips and stared Jack down. Jack fixed his eyes on the floor.

“You have been behaving like a naughty little boy, all day, haven’t you?”

Jack wriggled some more.

Ianto reached around and patted Jack sharply on the bottom. It stung a little through his trousers.

“Haven’t you?” Ianto demanded.

Jack fiddled with the rough elastic of his braces. “Yes,” he mumbled.

“Have you finished that form?”

Jack squirmed. “No, but…”

“But nothing. Come on.” Ianto turned and strode towards Jack’s office. Jack knew he had to follow.

They entered the office. Ianto took hold of Jack firmly by the wrist and led him over to the desk. He smacked him again on the bottom, then sat him down.

“Finish it,” he said and stood there, arms folded, watching.

Jack wriggled but obediently filled in the rest of the form. There wasn’t actually that much to do. When he’d finished, Ianto checked it, then put it in the outgoing tray to be dealt with tomorrow.

Jack pouted and crossed his arms across his chest. It wasn’t fair. He was the boss!

“Jack,” warned Ianto. “Are you going to behave?”

“No,” said Jack, pouting dramatically.

There was a silence. Jack sneaked a look at Ianto and saw him struggling to hold back a smile. Jack tried to look as cute as possible.

Ianto’s eyes narrowed. “You’ve been begging for my attention all day, young man. Well, it’s time you got it.”

Jack squirmed. “But…”

Ianto didn’t listen to him . He took hold of Jack by the ear and tugged him up. He didn’t hurt him, just kept a firm pressure there.

Jack reluctantly let Ianto lead him from the office and towards Jack’s sleeping quarters. He knew what was going to happen and his insides felt all twisty and jumpy.

Ianto sat on the bed and stood Jack before him. “You’ve been a whiney little brat all day, Jack and now you’re going to get what’s coming to you.”

Jack wriggled and found himself upended over Ianto’s lap and held securely with a hand across his back. Jack wriggled and found he could move a little but not get away.

Ianto rested a hand on Jack’s bottom and stroked a bit. “You’re going to get a spanking now, Jack,” he said, calmly. “Maybe it’ll help to remind you about patience.”

Jack wriggled. Ianto’s stern but calm voice made want to wriggle against that firm lap.

Ianto raised his hand and brought it down smartly across Jack’s bottom. Jack cried out as it stung him. Ianto got into a hard and fast rhythm, creating a quick heat in Jack’s bottom.

Jack squirmed and wriggled on Ianto’s lap, feeling the rest of him get warm.

“You naughty little boy,” he scolded as he smacked. Jack felt himself going with the strong rhythm, thrusting against those solid thighs which held him there.

He was getting so hot. Ianto kept on spanking him, bringing that firm hand down across his bottom again and again. Jack arched against that arm that held him and that hand that spanked him. He gasped, trembling.   

Ianto smacked him so hard that is bottom burned and throbbed. It felt so good, too good. He couldn’t hold back! He cried out, thrust and felt a rush of warmth in his pants. His face flushed as he panted uncontrollably and he realised just how naughty he’d been.

It took Ianto a few seconds to realise what had happened. He stopped spanking him. Jack’s flush got darker and he wriggled, starting to feel wet.

“Jack…” he said slowly. “Did you do what I think you did?”

Jack squirmed on Ianto’s lap and didn’t reply.

Ianto stood him up and his gaze dropped immediately to Jack’s crotch. Jack could feel the wet patch seeping through to his trousers and he squirmed, embarrassed at his loss of control. Ianto could see it. Ianto knew exactly what he’d done, how naughty he’d been.

Ianto looked hard at him. “Jack, did you do this on purpose?”

Jack shook his head. “No, Ianto. Honest!”

Ianto narrowed his eyes and Jack bit his lip, desperately hoping for Ianto to believe him. He hadn’t meant to! The heat had just been too much!

Ianto stood. “I believe you.” He wagged his finger at Jack. “But that was very naughty. Take your trousers off.”

Jack flushed darker and wriggled out of his trousers. Ianto smacked his backside hard over his underwear, then pointed to the wash basket. Jack put his wet things in the wash and felt Ianto’s stern gaze still on him. Jack was now dressed in just his shirt and he felt little and vulnerable.

Then Ianto was behind him, holding him sternly by the hand and smacking his bottom hard. “Naughty little boy,” he scolded.

Jack whimpered, wanting to wriggle away from that firm hand punishing his hot bottom but not daring to. Ianto pulled back and fetched a wet wipe. Brusquely and a little roughly, he wiped Jack’s crotch clean.

Jack pouted. “This isn’t fair.”

Ianto stood and fixed Jack with a hard look. “You have nothing to be complaining about, young man. And don’t you think you’ve got away from your spanking, young man.”

He took a firm grip of Jack’s hand and let him back over to the bed. Jack wriggled.

“Oh, Ianto!”

Ianto sat on the bed and stood Jack between his legs. Jack sensed a lecture looming.

“You’ve been an impatient, pouting, bad tempered, naughty little boy today. You’ve made a nuisance of yourself and you need to be dealt with.”

Jack started to wriggle but before he could, he was tugged right back over Ianto’s lap. His bare thighs settled against Ianto’s clothed ones. This was where he needed to be, held on Ianto’s lap getting the attention he needed.

Ianto raised his hand and brought it down sharply against Jack’s bare bottom. The rest hadn’t helped much. His bum was on fire and he kicked and wriggled but nothing he did got him away from that hand coming down onto his bottom again and again.

“Oww!” Jack complained.

Ianto ignored him. “You know better than to behave like that. Naughty, naughty boy!” He laid four more hard smacks on Jack’s bottom and Jack started to sob.

Ianto smacked him twice more right on his sitting spot, then stopped. Jack was sniffling and sobbing. Ianto rubbed his bottom.

“Up you get.”

Jack rubbed his eyes as he scrambled up off Ianto’s lap. Ianto stood and kissed him gently on his cheek.

“It’s bedtime now.”

“But…” Jack started. It was way too early for bed!

Ianto gave him a stern look . “Do you need to feel the hairbrush, Jack?”

Jack shook his head hastily. “No.”

Ianto nodded. “You’re going to get a good rest and be a much better behaved boy tomorrow, aren’t you?”

Jack sniffed. “Yes, Ianto.”

Ianto patted Jack’s flaming hot bottom. “Good boy.”

Jack found himself led to the bathroom, where he used the toilet and washed, then taken to bed. His shirt joined his wet pants in the wash and, naked, Jack was tucked up in bed.

Ianto lay down, fully clothed, next to him and cuddled him. Jack pressed close and felt the bulge in Ianto’s trousers. Grinning, he slid a hand down and reached for it.

Ianto grasped his wrist and smacked the back of his hand just enough to sting. “No. Naughty little boys don’t get to play.”

Jack pouted hugely but Ianto gave him a stern look and Jack rearranged his expression into something a little more contrite.

Ianto smiled. “That’s better.” He kissed Jack. “Now, you’re going to go to sleep and I’m going to go and do some work until my bedtime.”

Jack pouted again. “Okay,” he said, determined to be good.

Ianto got up, tucked Jack in and kissed him again. “I’ll be back, pup. You be a good boy and go to sleep.”

He quietly let himself out. Jack smiled and snuggled down into the soft covers. The warmth had spread from his bottom to all over his body and he felt settled. Ianto would come back in an hour or two and cuddle with him. He reached his hand back and rubbed his hot bottom. He’d got Ianto’s attention all right. All was right with the world.

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