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Fic- Doesn't Need Saying

Title: Doesn’t Need Saying

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Ratings: Teen – adult language

Spoilers: Series 2

Summary: Jack and Ianto get caught in rubble again.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!

Notes: Comments please!




“It’s too quiet,” whispered Ianto, holding his gun and his scanner tightly.

Jack nodded. “Yeah. Stick close, okay?”

Ianto had no desire to wander far from Jack. He kept behind him. They were in a derelict building, following an extraterrestrial signal of unknown origin. It was late night and Ianto was thinking about his bed as he followed Jack through rubble-spotted corridors.

“We’re closing in on the signal, Jack,” he said as the frequency bar on the scanner jumped.

“Gotcha,” Jack murmured. He glanced behind him at Ianto and gave him a nod. Ianto watched Jack. He knew now how Jack did this. He knew how he listened, seemed to be able to hear the slightest noise. He knew how he moved, how he was always ready to duck, shoot or make a leap out of the way. It was dangerous. Jack’s life was dangerous and Ianto knew being close to Jack brought him into danger too. But he didn’t care.

Jack stepped carefully into the room. Ianto followed close behind.

The room was empty, except for a crate on the floor. They stepped closer, Ianto staying behind Jack.

“Is this it?” Jack asked, looking down at the crate.

Ianto checked his scanner. “Yeah. Be careful, Jack.”

Jack glanced at him. “You’d better stay back.”

Ianto nodded. He didn’t like having to stay back and let Jack go into danger, but it was the most logical thing to do. He took a step back. Jack lifted up the lid of the crate. Ianto braced himself.

Nothing happened.

Jack glanced round at Ianto. “What’s your scanner saying now?”

Ianto looked down at the scanner. “The same. They’re…”

He was cut off by an ominous tick tick. Jack’s eyes widened. Ianto opened his mouth to say something sensible like ‘let’s run’ when Jack leapt at him.

The same moment that Jack’s arms closed around his waist, there was a deafening roar and Ianto’s ears throbbed. He hit the ground under a heavy weight and blackness fell.

                                                           * * *  

When Ianto woke, every inch of his body was screaming with pain. He tried to move but couldn’t. He was trapped, all his limbs pinned. He opened his eyes. Jack was on top of him and there was rubble all around. Jack’s head was resting on a big piece of cement by Ianto’s head.


Jack’s eyes were closed and he was very still but when Ianto said his name, he opened his eyes. They were wet.

“You’re alive,” Jack whispered, his voice hoarse.

Ianto nodded. “Yeah. I can’t tell if I’m in one piece though. You okay?”

“Yeah,” Jack gasped. He shifted and Ianto felt pain rock through him. He screamed. He couldn’t help it. Jack stilled immediately.

“What? Ianto, quick, tell me where it hurts.”

Ianto recovered his breathing. “My … leg,” he gasped.

Jack’s eyes showed his panic. “Can you wriggle your toes?”

Ianto tried. He could feel his toes but it hurt to move them. He wriggled his fingers as well and there was that rocking pain again. This time he held in his scream and panted through his teeth.

“Okay?” Jack asked. Ianto could feel Jack’s heart racing against his chest.

“Yeah. I can feel everything. It just hurts.” He breathed through the pain, then looked at Jack. “What about you?”

“I’m fine.”

“Did you … die?”

Jack looked away. “I’m fine.”

Ianto wanted to hold Jack but his arms were pinned. But Jack quickly brushed away his emotions.

“Right, we need to get out of here. You need medical help. Dammit, I wish Owen was still here. Do you have your phone on you?”

“In my trousers,” Ianto said, looking down regretfully at where his pocket was, trapped beneath Jack.

“Ah,” said Jack.

“Where’s yours?”

Jack squirmed. “Erm, back in the SUV. Sorry.”

Ianto rolled his eyes. “One of these days, I’m going to cuff that thing to your hand.”

“Yeah, all right, don’t nag. I need to get my arms free.” He began to wriggle, trying to get his arms free from the rubble.

“I don’t nag,” said Ianto.

Jack grinned. “Now you’re pouting.”

He got his arm free. Ianto found himself able to breathe a little easier with the absence of some of the rubble. Jack pushed more of the rubble away and was able to slide his hand down Ianto’s body and to his pocket. He grinned and winked at Ianto.

“Gotcha,” he said and pressed his hips into Ianto.

Ianto tried to pretend he wasn’t laughing. “Hardly the time or the place, Jack.”

“It’s always the time and the place, baby.”

Ianto rolled his eyes. “Great. I’m involved with a perpetual teenager. Just make the phone call, Jack.”

Jack dialled Gwen’s number. Ianto lay still and tried not to think about the pain in his arms and legs. It had been easier when Jack had been flirting with him.

“Quick as you can, Gwen. Ianto’s hurt.” He hung up. “She’s on her way. Hang tight, Ianto.”

Ianto realised his eyes had shut. He opened them. Jack had gone all blurry and wobbly. “Jack, I feel weird,” he said and realised how faint his voice was.

“Keep your eyes open, Ianto. Look at me. I think you must be bleeding somewhere. I’ll try and clear some more of this rubble.”

“Talk to me, Jack,” Ianto whispered.

“Talk to you?”

“It’s easier when…” His voice sounded so weak to his own ears.

“Okay, erm, tell me something I don’t know about yourself.”

Ianto tried to groan but didn’t have the strength. He could hear Jack clearing some rubble as best he could. He realised his eyes had shut again but he couldn’t force them open.

“Any excuse,” he grumbled faintly.

Jack turned back to him. “Hey, hey keep your eyes open,” Jack said, gently.

Ianto whimpered.

“Ianto,” Jack said, rather more sharply. “Open your eyes.”

Ianto opened his eyes. “Jack, it hurts.”

Jack’s hand was gentle on his cheek. “I know,” he whispered. “Just hang on. You’re going to be okay. Tell me about ….” He searched his mind for an idea. “Tell me about your first kiss.”

Ianto wanted to roll his eyes but he couldn’t find the energy. “So predictable. It’s … a wonder you…don’t ask me to describe…my first…wank.”

Jack chuckled. “If you prefer.”

“No…thank you,” Ianto gasped.

Jack stilled and Ianto cold feel him watching him. “You okay?”

Ianto bit his lip hard as the pain shuddered through him. “Yeah just …ow.”

Jack stroked his forehead. “Breathe, just breathe.”

Ianto tried to breathe slowly and deeply but each breath brought with it a stab of pain. Jack found his hand and squeezed gently. Ianto held onto the comforting grip as tightly as his strength would allow. Jack rubbed the back of his hand with his thumb.

“Gwen will be here soon. Come on, Ianto, talk to me. Tell me something. Anything.”

Ianto searched his foggy mind. “I used to be afraid of the dark.” It came out in a rush and he wasn’t sure why he’d chosen that fact.

Jack didn’t seem phased. “What did you see in the darkness?”

“The emptiness. Knew it wasn’t really empty.”

Jack chuckled. “True. Ianto Jones, always meant to be a Torchwood agent.”

Ianto found his breathing had become shallow. “Or…always…meant to be…in a mad house.”

Jack frowned. “Ianto, stay with me.”

“’M here.”

Jack touched his face. “You’re losing colour. Can you tell what’s on you? Is it me or…”

“Dunno. Can’t…” He could feel his grip on Jack’s hand begin to loosen. “Don’t wanna die,” he gasped.

“Stop it,” snapped Jack. “You’re not dying.”

Ianto felt his eyes drift closed. “You…saved me. So many times. I…”

“Stop it.” Jack’s voice was sharp and shaking.

“Never said thank you. Never said I …”

“Stop it.” Jack’s voice cracked and he held Ianto’s hand tighter.

Ianto needed more energy, just a little bit more, to say it.

Jack lay down, holding Ianto close. He pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. “Hang on,” he whispered. “Hang on. She’s coming. It’s going to be all right. You’re going to be fine. Just hang on. Stay strong.”

Ianto wanted to. He wanted to live. He wanted to be with Jack, love Jack. But he was so weak. He couldn’t even open his eyes. He drifted away, the scent and feel of Jack surrounding him.

                                                           * * *  

Ianto woke to the sensation of a hand holding his tightly. He forced his groggy eyes open and looked. Jack was sitting by his bedside. His eyes were down  and he hadn’t seen Ianto’s eyes open.

Ianto glanced around and realised he was in one of the hub’s medical beds. “Jack?”

Jack’s head shot up. “Ianto! You’re awake!”

Ianto smiled. “Hey.”

Jack grinned. “Hey yourself.” He stood and leaned over Ianto, meeting his eyes. “You scared the shit out of me, Ianto Jones.”

Ianto didn’t say anything. He put his arms around Jack, pulled him close and held onto him tightly. “Thought I was going to die.”

Jack held him tight and buried his face in Ianto’s neck. “So did I.”

After a moment, Jack pulled away. “You still owe me a first time story,” he said with a grin.

Ianto smiled and let his eyes close again. “You were several of my firsts. I think that’ll do.”

Jack tutted, smoothing a curl back from Ianto’s forehead. “You just wait, Ianto Jones. One day, I’ll know everything about you.”

He smiled. “Nah, I like to keep you guessing.” His smile faded as a thought occurred to him. Almost another first with Jack. He knew already that when that first confession came, it would be his last. But it didn’t matter. As he felt Jack holding his hand as he drifted off, he knew they were words which never really needed saying.

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