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Fic- Collared

Title: Collared
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Ratings: Adult – sex, D/s
Spoilers: Nothing major
Summary: Ianto is collared for a day.
Disclaimers: I own nothing!
Notes: After the wonderful comments I got on my last D/s story, I was inspired to write another one! Hope you all like it! Comments please!

Ianto didn’t have to think when he walked into Jack’s office in the middle of the afternoon to see Jack dangling the collar from his hand. Ianto went straight to Jack and knelt in front of him with his knees apart, his head bowed and his eyes on the floor.

He could feel Jack probing him with his eyes. Jack always did this, examined him to see what he was feeling. He seemed to know by just looking.

Ianto was nervous and kinda scared, as always, but he also felt that excitement settling in his stomach, the knowledge that Jack would take him to the very heights of subspace.

Jack seemed to find his state acceptable, for he reached out and tangled his hand through Ianto’s hair. Ianto leaned into the touch, to the feeling of Jack petting him.

Then Jack stood in front him. Ianto found his eyes were trained on the crotch before his eyes. Jack was still stroking his hair.

“Kiss,” he ordered.

Ianto knew what the order meant. They always started a scene like this that way. He leaned forwards and pressed his mouth to Jack’s crotch in a soft kiss. He could feel the heat there and the firmness and it filled his belly with something indescribable

“Good boy,” Jack murmured, voice full of pride. He reached for Ianto’s tie and loosened it enough to undo his top button and get access to Ianto’s throat. Jack’s large gentle hand stroked the exposed skin of Ianto’s neck.

“Ianto, look at me.”

Ianto was startled by the use of his name. It wasn’t usually used during a scene unless there was a serious reason to.

Ianto raised his eyes to Jack’s and found himself being probed again. He didn’t hide anything. He let Jack see it all, the fear and the excitement.

Jack raised the collar. “Iawn?”

Ianto kept his eye contact as he replied. “Iawn.”

Jack smiled and Ianto lowered his eyes again. This was going ahead. He held his breath and felt the sensations as Jack slid the collar around his neck and buckled it. It was slim black leather and very comfortable to wear. Ianto could feel it constantly when he wore it but it didn’t pinch or rub. He could just feel it, pleasantly keeping him in his place. There was a tag on it, like there would be on a dog collar, declaring that when he wore this collar, he belonged to Jack.

Jack stood back and Ianto could feel him viewing him like a piece of art. Ianto felt pleasure building in his tummy. He could feel Jack’s approval.

“You look good,” Jack said.

Ianto let his eyes flicker up to Jack’s face and saw him grinning. Ianto smiled a little.

Jack petted his head again for a moment, then sighed. “Okay, fix your tie. There’s work to do.”

Ianto fastened his top button and tightened his tie again. He hated having to hide the collar but the others would never understand.

Jack took hold of his arm and stood him up. “Go on then, back to work.” He smacked Ianto’s bottom hard enough to leave him with a delicious sting on his skin. Jack put his mouth close to Ianto’s ear. “Remember your place. I’ll be watching you.”

Ianto shivered in pleasure. Jack would be watching him, controlling him. Jack decided what he was allowed to do. He would remember his place. “Yes, Sir,” he said.

Jack kissed his cheek. “Good boy.”

Ianto left the office, the praise and the smack still making him tingle.

He felt different as he went about his usual work with his collar on beneath his shirt. It changed the way he behaved. He didn’t make an effort to behave differently, it just happened.

Jack’s rules were set. Ianto only spoke when spoken to, kept his eyes down and obeyed orders without hesitation. The others didn’t notice. To them he was just a bit less chatty than usual. But between him and Jack, he was already feeling that haze of submission taking over his mind. He had to ask permission for everything too, including going to the toilet.

He didn’t exactly hate doing that but it did make him a bit embarrassed. He was torn between his feelings on it, really. He squirmed. He really did need to go now. He’d have to go and ask permission.

He glanced across at Jack’s office. Gwen was in there, sitting on Jack’s desk chatting over their latest cup of coffee. Ianto couldn’t hold out any longer.

He went to Jack’s open door and knocked. That was another rule when he was collared. Jack looked up at him.


Ianto swallowed. “Sir, I need to ask you a question.” He could feel his face flushing with embarrassment. Jack grinned, knowing exactly what Ianto was going to ask. He let the silence hang for a moment, enjoying the way Ianto squirmed.

Then he turned to Gwen. “Would you excuse us for a moment?”

She smiled. “Of course!” She hopped off the desk and left the room.

Jack stayed where he was, observing Ianto. “Well, my boy? What’s this question?”

Ianto swallowed, feeling his face get even redder. “May I please go to the toilet, Sir?”

Jack smiled, then stood and approached him. He touched his face, tracing his fingers over Ianto’s hot face.

“Yes, you may go to the toilet, boy, but use my bathroom.”

“Yes, Sir,” Ianto said and fled. He could feel Jack watching him as he hurried down the ladder.

He went to the toilet and as soon as he’d finished, his cock got hard. He was surprised by that. He’d been embarrassed, really embarrassed to ask Jack but there was something erotic about that.

Carefully, he put his cock away and returned upstairs. Jack was waiting for him, leaning against his desk. Jack held out his hand to him and Ianto went to him. He took Jack’s hand and found himself being pulled close and held in between Jack’s legs.

Jack grinned at him. “Aha, I thought so,” he said, pressing his hand to Ianto’s crotch. Ianto whimpered. He knew coming was another thing he needed permission for. “Look at me, boy,” Jacks voice was firm, but not harsh.

Ianto raised his eyes to Jack’s. Jack had that searching look in his eyes again.

“Where did this erection come from, my boy?”

Ianto frowned and swallowed. “I don’t know, Sir. I don’t understand.”

Jack smiled at him. “I think you liked being embarrassed for me, boy. I think that’s what got you excited. What do you think?”

Ianto bit his lip. “I don’t know, Sir.”

Jack reached around and gave him an admonishing smack on the bottom. “Yes, you do. Answer me.” His voice was hard.

Ianto wriggled. “Yes, Sir. It … it did get me excited, Sir but I don’t know why.”

Jack rubbed the tingling spot on his buttock better. “That’s okay.” He kissed Ianto’s forehead. “It’s okay to get aroused by feeling embarrassed. Understand?”

Ianto soaked up reassurance from the look in Jack’s eyes. “Yes, Sir.” He smiled. “I understand, Sir.”

Jack returned his smile. “Good boy.” He pressed a hand firmly to the top of Ianto’s head. “On your knees.”

Ianto sank immediately to his submitting position. On his knees, legs spread, hands on his thighs and eyes on the floor. Jack petted him, just petted him for several minutes. He ran his hands through Ianto’s hair, stroked his face, brushed his shoulders and caressed his throat.

“You’re my boy, aren’t you? My boy, all mine.”

Ianto felt pleasure burn inside him. “Yes, Sir. Your boy, Sir.”

Jack’s hands settled on Ianto’s shoulders. “I can’t wait to be alone with you tonight. When they’re gone, I want you in here, straight away. You need to be on your knees, completely submissive, waiting for me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jack stroked his hair again. “Kiss.”

Ianto leaned forward and kissed Jack’s cock through his pants.

“Good boy, thank you. You can stand up now.”

Ianto stood, Jack’s words replaying in his head. Thank you? What was he thanking him for? Jack looked at him. Ianto felt naked as Jack explored him with his eyes.

But then Jack smiled and Ianto knew Jack approved of him. He let out a moan of pleasure. Jack chuckled softly. “I love it when you’re like this. I can see you going into that space.”

Ianto felt warm. He wanted to reach out and touch Jack but he held himself back. No permission, no action. Jack brushed his thumb across Ianto’s lips, then kissed him. He put Ianto’s arm around him and Ianto was allowed to hold onto Jack as he was kissed again.

Then Jack pulled back. “Not long now. Go on, back to work.”

Ianto bowed his head. “Yes, Sir,” he said. He turned and went back to work.

Finally, it was the end of the day. Unexpectedly, Jack went out when he ordered the others to leave. It was several minutes more before the last of them, Tosh, finally closed the door behind her.

Immediately, Ianto turned on his heel and went into Jack’s office. Facing the desk but a few feet away from it, he sank onto his knees and settled into his submissive position. Kneeling down like this was surprisingly comfortable. Being allowed to sit on his heels took the pressure off his knees but reminded him of his place. Occasionally, Jack made him kneel up but only when Ianto needed him to be a bit more severe.

Ianto waited there, his back to the door and his eyes on the floor. He would wait here until Jack came to him, because he’d been ordered to. Right now, he existed to serve Jack. That was all he was. That was all he wanted to be.

He heard the door open and close again and he knew it was Jack. He felt him watching him.

“Good boy. You’ve obeyed my instructions.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

There was a long silence and Ianto wanted to squirm. He wanted to hear Jack’s voice again, have him touch him, do something to him. But Jack was just looking at him, in absolute silence. Ianto couldn’t stand it.


Jack sucked in his breath sharply. “Did I give you permission to speak? Did I tell you to use my name?”

Ianto squirmed. “No, Sir.” He heard Jack’s heavy boots on the concrete floor as he strode towards Ianto.

“You need to remember your place, boy. Up on your knees immediately.”

Ianto knelt up, feeling his face heat up with shame. He’d disappointed Jack.

Jack came to stand in front of him. He loosened his shirt and tie to expose his collar. “Remember who you are, boy.” He touched the collar. “You know the rules. Stick by them. You know better than to disregard them. I don’t want to punish you but I will if you need it. Understand?”

Ianto swallowed and fixed his eyes to Jack’s boots. “Yes, Sir.”

Jack touched a finger to Ianto’s cheek, then pulled back. “Hands on your head. Ten minutes like that for forgetting your place.”

Ianto put his hands on his head and remained still, up on his knees. He kept his eyes on Jack’s boots, grounding him. He hated when Jack had to punish him. He wanted to be the perfect sub, never failing and fulfilling Jack’s every need. He hated disappointing Jack.

But he had to admit that this position made him feel more submissive than ever. It was a punishment but it was also a reminder. It was putting Ianto back in his place and sometimes he needed that.

His knees began to hurt and he wanted to squirm but he kept absolutely still. He was determined to get it right.

Finally, the ten minutes were over and Jack returned to him. “You may sit now.”

Ianto sat back on his heels.

“Look at me,” Jack ordered.

Ianto raised his eyes to Jack’s.

Jack met his eyes firmly. “You’ve done your punishment. No more guilt now, no recriminations. Just submit to me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jack stroked his hair and Ianto closed his eyes under the soft affectionate petting. It didn’t last long. Jack pulled back and was stern again.

“Shoes and socks off. You may get out of position to do it.”

Ianto sat on the floor and took off his shoes and socks. He put them neatly by the wall and Jack just watched him.

“Go and fetch the red box from under my bed.”

“Yes, Sir,” said Ianto. He stood, bowed his head to Jack, then went down into Jack’s quarters. He felt strange being fully suited but bare foot and with his collar exposed.

He fetched the red box and returned to Jack. Jack took the box from him and gave him a searching look. “You know what’s in this box, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” Ianto said, his voice trembling a little.

Jack touched his shoulder. “Then get into position against the wall.”

Ianto went over to the wall. He planted his feet firmly two feet from the rough wall, then leaned forwards and put his hands to the wall, letting all his weight rest on his arms. This position forced his arse out for Jack to make use of.

“Nose to the wall,” Jack barked.

Ianto flushed at having forgotten that bit. He put his nose to the wall, feeling the humiliation of the position wash over him. Jack strode over to him, pressed a hand to his and smacked his bottom sharply.

“Focus. I don’t expect you to forget such a simple thing.”

“Yes, Sir. I apologise, Sir.”

Jack rubbed his bottom better. “Okay.” He reached around Ianto, undid his belt and trousers. Ianto wanted to squirm when Jack took down his pants and bared his bottom. He knew what was going to happen.

Jack stepped away from him and Ianto knew he was going to fetch what he needed from the red box. Ianto felt his heart begin to hammer in his chest.

When Jack returned to him, he put a warm hand on Ianto’s bare hip and rubbed slightly. “Are you ready, my boy?” he asked softly.

Ianto swallowed. “Yes, Sir.”

Jack rubbed a bit more. “Good boy. Spread your legs a bit wider for me. You’re going to have to stay very still whilst I do this so make sure you’re stable.”

Ianto spread his legs wider and settled his feet on the floor. He listened to the familiar noises of Jack making preparations.

Jack’s cold, slicked finger suddenly pressed between Ianto’s buttocks. Ianto yelped but managed not to complain about the cold or to squirm away. He didn’t want to be punished again, to earn Jack’s disappointment again.

Jack tapped his hip warningly and pushed the finger deep inside. Ianto breathed deeply and slowly as Jack probed him with one finger. Ianto’s cock was getting hard but he ignored it and just focused on breathing and on the finger.

Jack pushed another finger inside and moved the two around slowly. Ianto felt himself relaxing into the invasion.

Jack pulled his finger out. “I think you’re ready. Kiss.”

Ianto, eyes closed, turned his head and kissed the clean, dry rubber. He knew where that was going. Ianto put his nose back to the wall and listened to Jack lubing the hard rubber up. His heart was thumping. He was scared but excited and eager for Jack’s attention.

The plug was cold and slick as it pressed against Ianto’s hot hole. Ianto whimpered as it was slowly driven inside. Jack had chosen the blue one. It was big enough for Ianto to feel it acutely but small enough for him to be able to move around. It was strange and uncomfortable but it didn’t hurt and it made his cock throb.

It was all the way inside him, filling him up. Its wide base settled neatly between his buttocks, making him very aware of what was inside him. His cock felt so hard and hot.

Jack stood behind him and put his arms around him. He held him, crotch to Ianto’s naked backside and his arms around his belly.

“Deep breaths,” he murmured. He kissed Ianto’s shoulder and listened to his breathing. “That’s it,” he murmured. “Good boy. Well done.”

Jack touched his cock lightly and Ianto gasped. “You need to control yourself. Remember your restrictions.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll remember.”

Jack pulled away and patted his bottom. “Good boy.”

He gave Ianto a few minutes to adjust and to get his desire under control before the next order came.

“Get dressed.”

It was an order Ianto had dreaded. He was to be under service like this. He put his underwear and trousers back on but left his shoes and socks off as he knew Jack wanted. He squirmed a bit. It felt so strange to be plugged beneath his suit. He touched his collar and breathed slowly. Jack smiled at him, then went to sit behind his desk.

“Make me my coffee, boy,” he ordered, leaning back and relaxing in his chair.

Ianto obeyed, walking through to the main hub where his coffee machine was. He knew he was walking differently. He wondered whether Jack would ever make him wear a plug whilst the others were in the hub. A funny feeling went through him and he realised he was both scared and excited by that idea.

He made the coffee, focusing on getting it exactly right. He wanted to do his absolute best for Jack, to make him proud and pleased. He wanted to serve him as well as he possibly could.

Coffee made, he carried it and a plate of biscuits through to Jack. Keeping his eyes down, he placed the small tray on the desk, then sank to his knees in front of Jack.

Jack considered him for a moment, then beckoned Ianto closer. “That’s it,” Jack said as Ianto knelt right beside him on his left hand side. “Good boy. I want you where I can touch you.”

Ianto found himself kneeling at Jack’s side, being petted as Jack drank his coffee, ate his biscuits and filled out some forms. Sometimes, Ianto thought about what it would be like to do this all the time. There was a certain warmth to the idea, a certain safety. Jack would take care of him, he knew that. He knew he wasn’t built for doing this constantly and Jack didn’t want that either. But the fact that he could slip right into this world of submitting and being Jack’s, made him feel safe and cherished.

He rested his head on Jack’s thigh and Jack chuckled. “That’s my boy,” he said as he petted Ianto a bit more. He swallowed the last mouthful of his coffee, then pushed his chair back. “Shuffle back a bit,” he ordered.

Ianto did so and watched as Jack reached into his desk drawer and brought out two little metal clips. Ianto felt a flutter of excitement inside him.

Jack grinned down at him. He reached for him and undid several of Ianto’s shirt buttons. He drew the shirt away to expose Ianto’s nipples. He considered them for a moment, then took hold of them both between finger and thumb. He held onto them and Ianto felt them tightening in Jack’s grip. Jack rubbed his fingers, rolling Ianto’s nipples between them and making them get harder and hotter. Ianto wanted to wriggle but he knew that would just hurt.

Jack gave his nipples one more firm pinch and Ianto gasped in pleasure. Jack let him go and reached for the clips. Ianto was breathless and trembling in anticipation. He wanted those clips on his nipples, clamping him, embracing him with metal.

“Watch me,” Jack said and Ianto raised his eyes to Jack’s face.

Jack held his gaze for a moment, then focused on the nipple clamps. He attached one and watched as Ianto gasped and thrust his hips. Jack attached the other one and gave it a little flick. Ianto cried out in his pleasure and was aware of Jack’s lustful gaze on him.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jack murmured, reverently. “So hot. My sexy, gorgeous boy and all mine.”

Ianto flushed with the absolute pleasure of being all Jack’s. Jack touched his hair, then pulled back. “Button yourself up.”

Ianto buttoned his shirt, wondering what he looked like. He was dressed normally but underneath, he was Jack’s boy. Jack was undoing his trousers. With a grunt he pulled out his rock hard and leaking cock.

“I need to feel your mouth on me, my boy.”

Ianto wanted Jack’s cock in his mouth. He wanted to give Jack pleasure, give of himself to make Jack happy.

Jack turned a little and took hold of Ianto’s collar. He tugged him forwards until he was settled between his thighs.

Ianto glanced up at Jack briefly, then lowered his eyes again. “May I have your permission to take your cock in my mouth, Sir?”

Jack stroked his hair. “Yes, boy. You’ve done very well and you have earned the right to taste my cock.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Ianto said and lowered his mouth to Jack’s cock.

Tentatively, he closed his mouth around the head of Jack’s cock and tasted it. He let the taste fill his nose and mouth. He heard Jack grunt in pleasure so he took more of that thick shaft in his mouth. He began to suck, feeling his cheeks hollow. Jack began to stroke his head as Ianto took him deeper. He was collared, plugged, clamped and using his mouth to serve his Dom. He was Jack’s for whatever use he wanted to put him to.

Jack came with a deep moan. Ianto sat back with Jack’s come in his mouth and looked up at him, waiting for his next order. Jack just looked at him for a moment, holding his chin up a firm grip. Ianto just held Jack’s come in his mouth, waiting and letting the taste settle on his tongue.

Jack smiled. “You may swallow now.”

Ianto swallowed and Jack watched him. Jack patted his head, then got up, fastening his cock back into his trousers. He glanced down at Ianto. “I want you to go and look at yourself in the mirror.”

Ianto stood and crossed to the full length mirror. He gazed at himself. His suit was still perfectly neat, except for his open collar. His mouth looked red and his lips were swollen from use. He looked a little ruffled but the suit covered almost everything.

“Do you see?” said Jack, approaching him from behind. “My boy has serviced his master and nobody would ever know.” He brushed a kiss across the back of his head. “You’re making me hard again, boy. I’m imagining what it would be like to send you to work like this: collared, plugged and clamped beneath your gorgeous suit. You’d get me so hard.”

Ianto whimpered. Jack patted his backside. “Now, I want you to go downstairs, take off all your clothes and put them away neatly. Once you’re naked, I want you to bring out the kneeler and get into position facing away from the door. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Ianto turned, feeling the need for a little reassurance but not knowing how to ask for it. He started to walk towards the hatch but Jack stopped him.

He cupped Ianto’s cheek and looked him in the eye. “I’m proud of you, my boy.” He kissed him softly on the lips. “You make me happy.”

Ianto beamed, feeling pride swell inside him. His cock throbbed in his pants. Jack let him go and Ianto made his way downstairs and did as Jack told him.

Stripped and with his collar, clamps and plug exposed, he felt more comfortable. He was more used to this. Down here, in Jack’s room, he’d done amazing things. He’d pushed his limits further than he thought they would go and he’d loved it all. And now, he knew the end of this scene was approaching. The kneeler was only ever brought out towards the end.

The kneeler was a wooden stand, with big leather pads on it to ensure his comfort. There were straps but Jack rarely used them. He preferred Ianto to keep himself there in willing submission.

Ianto put the lube and the wipes ready and positioned himself on the kneeler. He supported himself with his hands resting on the lower support and his knees on the higher one. This forced his backside up to Jack’s level, where he could make use of his hole. As he’d been told, he faced away from the hatch, so that when Jack came down that ladder, he would immediately see Ianto’s plugged hole, ready for him.

Jack didn’t make him wait long. Ianto was glad about that. His cock was so hard and leaking and his nipples were throbbing in his clamps. He wanted to have Jack’s cock inside him now instead of the plug.

Jack’s boots echoed loudly on the ladder rungs as he made his way down into the room.

“Hmm,” he said and Ianto felt his eyes roam over his body. “Well, well, well, my boy, look at you.” He stalked closer and placed a hand on his back. He leaned over Ianto’s body, though didn’t touch him except for the hand. He put his mouth close to Ianto’s ear.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”

Ianto flushed with pleasure and didn’t know how to answer. Jack’s hand slid down to his bottom and patted warningly.

“I asked you a question, boy.”

Ianto wriggled. “Sir?”

“Do you know you’re beautiful?”

Ianto blushed. “No, Sir.”

Jack gave him a light smack. It warmed Ianto’s skin and made it tingle. “Well, you are.” He sneaked out his tongue and licked Ianto’s ear. Ianto shivered in pleasure. “Know that you’re beautiful and remember it.” He pulled back and chuckled softly. “Or I’ll have to punish you.” His voice was gently teasing.

Ianto beamed, the pride filling him up. Jack saw so much in him, insisted Ianto see it in himself too.

Jack ran his hand up Ianto’s arched spine. “You’ve been a very good boy for me today. You’ve given me a lot of pleasure and served me well.” He reached Ianto’s head and stroked and petted his hair. “You deserve a reward.” His other hand reached underneath Ianto and brushed his cock lightly. “You deserve your orgasm tonight.”

Ianto gasped. “Thank you, Sir.”

Jack withdrew his hands and walked around Ianto to where he’d placed the lube. “You’ve prepared well.” He picked up the lube and Ianto heard him slick his cock up. “The plug should have prepared you well enough.” Jack said, bumping his slicked cock against Ianto’s buttocks.

Ianto pushed his ass up a bit more, eager for Jack’s cock. Jack laughed. “Eager boy. Good.”

He grasped the base of the plug and twisted it around. Ianto cried out. He wanted to grind himself back on the plug but he knew he wasn’t allowed. He stayed still, his arse in the air and let the pleasure wash over him.

“You want my cock, don’t you?” Jack asked.

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”

Jack jerked out the plug and Ianto felt empty. He could feel his hole twitching eagerly for Jack’s cock.

“Ask me for it,” Jack ordered.

Ianto did. He had no pride anymore. He needed Jack’s cock. He needed Jack to take him and own him.

“Please, Sir. Please may I have your cock inside me, Sir?”

“Inside where, boy?”

“Inside my hole, sir. Please fuck my hole with your cock, Sir.”

Jack stroked his hip. “That’s a good boy,” he said, brushing his cock against Ianto’s hole. “You need my cock, don’t you, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. I need your cock, Sir. Please, Sir.”

Jack drove his cock all the way inside Ianto in one movement. Ianto cried out in exquisite pleasure and Jack gave him a moment to adjust. Ianto rolled his hips and Jack, knowing he was ready, began to fuck him hard.

There was no holding back. It was all Ianto could do to hold onto the kneeler. Jack was taking him: hard, rough, possessing. But his hand was on his hip, gentle and caressing. Jack had him, body and mind and Ianto had given it all to him, willingly.

Jack was grunting in pleasure. Ianto focused on Jack’s sounds of pleasure and let himself fall into that haze of pleasure, the haze that only came when he gave himself to Jack, totally and utterly.

Jack wrapped his hand around Ianto’s cock and wanked him in time to his unyielding thrusts. Ianto could do nothing but feel. He wasn’t aware of spilling over Jack’s hand. He was only aware of the heat and the trembling and the all encompassing pleasure that was subbing for Jack.

His limbs turned to jelly but somehow he managed to hold himself up. As he came back to himself, he realised that Jack’s arm was around his belly, holding him up.

“Good boy,” Jack whispered. He held Ianto up for a few moments and drew a wet wipe across his hole, cleaning him up. Then he released him. “Time to clean up now. You know what to do.” Jack held his sticky hand to Ianto’s mouth and Ianto licked it clean, swallowing down his own come from Jack’s skin. Jack helped him up and he knelt down beside the kneeler and licked the leather clean.

“Good boy. Kiss.”

Ianto turned to Jack’s now soft cock, which was still exposed by his open pants. He kissed it, softly, sweetly and reverently. Jack stroked his hair adoringly. “Such a good boy. Time for you to go to bed now. Up you get.”

Ianto stood. Jack touched his clamped nipples gently, then removed the metal clips. Ianto whimpered and pressed his face into Jack’s shoulder as the blood flowed back. Jack rubbed his back for a moment, then reached in between them and rubbed Ianto’s nipples. Ianto whimpered, caught between pleasure and pain.

Jack’s hands ran all over him, gently, soothingly. He took his hand and led him to bed. Ianto lay down and Jack leaned over him and kissed him on the mouth. Ianto lay still as Jack touched his skin, soothing him. He massaged his aching muscles and Ianto felt himself drifting. He wanted to go to sleep. Did he have Jack’s permission?

Jack kissed him again. “It’s okay. Let yourself go. You’re my good boy and you deserve to have a good sleep.”

“Thank you, Sir,” he whispered as he let himself go to sleep. He knew that when he woke, his collar will have been removed and put away until the next time. And no matter what they did, what game they played, he knew Jack would look after him and he would look after Jack in return.

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  • Fic- Trying Something New

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