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Fic- His Captain and His Angel 10/22

Title: His Captain and His Angel 10/22

Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/John

Rating: Adult
Spoilers: Mild for COE (background information)

Summary: Captain John Hart always gets what he wants.

Disclaimers: I own nothing.

Notes: This is the third in the series of stories about Ianto’s past. It follows Blue Moon’s Child and The Lost Son. I’ll be posting this once a day until it is finished. Special thanks go to czarina_kitty for being such a wonderful Beta. Also thanks to rowanheart24 for helping me brainstorm the original idea. Comments please!



Jack was nervous. He’d held his plan back from Ianto. He hated doing it but he didn’t know whether Ianto would stay away from John forever. He couldn’t risk Ianto’s safety by telling him everything.

Jack made his way to the Jones’s house in Newport. He’d met Iestyn Jones a few times, when he’d been living through this time. He didn’t know whether Iestyn would remember him but if he did, he’d know him as someone who’d helped his son. But still, he was nervous. His plan hinged on getting Iestyn to trust him.

He rang the bell. The door opened almost immediately.

“Ianto? Oh.” Iestyn’s weary face fell when he saw it wasn’t his son. “Sorry, I was expecting…” He paused. “Do I…know you?”

Jack reached out his hand to Iestyn’s. Iestyn took it and they shook. “I’m Jack.”

“Oh, yes. You helped my lad when he got sick, didn’t you?”

Jack smiled. “That’s right. How is Ianto?”

Iestyn shrugged. “Oh, you know. Still a teenager. Got a few months to wait before he turns twenty and he’s a human being again. He’s out right now but come in. I at least owe you a drink and a biscuit.” He turned and Jack followed him in.

“You got any Jammie Dodgers?”

                                                            * * *

Ianto didn’t want to go home. He wanted to stay with John. But John said it wasn’t time yet. But soon. Soon, John would take him away.

It was starting to get dark when John sent him home. Ianto walked slowly and it was completely dark by the time he turned down his street. He wasn’t looking forward to facing his da. He would still be mad at him for running off from Providence Park.

As he walked down his street, his mind wandered and found itself on the man. John had called him Jack. Why had he hit John like that? John said he was evil. Ianto wasn’t so sure he believed in evil but he had hit his guardian angel. Ianto couldn’t trust him.

He dug out his key and let himself inside his house. He stopped in the hall. The light was on in the living room but the telly wasn’t.

“Ianto,” his da called out. “Come in here.” His voice sounded stern and serious.

Ianto swallowed. Was he about to get in big trouble? He’d sworn at Da, run off on his mam and gone off without telling Da where he was going. And he hadn’t exactly been the model son recently. Had Ianto finally pushed Da too far? Would he be waiting in there with his grandfather’s belt?

There was nothing for it but to face up to it. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. Maybe it would help things.

He pushed the door open and, bracing himself, walked into the living room. His da was sitting in his usual armchair, with a cuppa in his hand and the biscuit tin out on the table. And that man was sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a Jammie Dodger.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he demanded.

The man smiled brilliantly at him. “Hey, Ianto. I suppose you don’t remember me. I knew you when you were fifteen.”

Ianto scowled at him. “I remember what you just did in the park. Fuck off out of my house.”

Jack’s smile faded. Iestyn put down his cup and stood.

“How dare you talk to a guest like that, boy.”

Ianto was too angry to listen to his da. “He doesn’t belong here.” He glared hard at Jack. “Get out. Fuck off!”

Iestyn seized hold of his arm. “Stop it right now,” he hissed.

Jack leapt up. “Hey, it’s all right, Iestyn. He’s just upset.”

Iestyn let go of Ianto’s arm. “Upset or not, he’s got no right to talk to you like that.” He glared at Ianto. “Get to your room. We’ll talk about this later.”

Ianto sent one last vicious glance at Jack, then turned and left. He stomped upstairs to his room and slammed the door.

                                                            * * *

Iestyn sighed and sat back down heavily. “I’m sorry about that, Jack.”

Jack sat down. “That’ll all right. Has he been like that a lot?”

“He’s skipping work, talking back to me, shouting and swearing. I don’t know what to do with him.”

“When did this behaviour start?”

“Only recently. It’s like…how it was when he was ill. Do you think he could be ill again?”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“What should I do?”

“He needs your support right now.”

“Can you help him?”

“If he trusts me.”

Iestyn sighed. “I’ll try and talk to him. I’m not…I’ve never been good at this sort of thing. His mam used to talk to him. I never could get the hang of it.”

“Best thing to do is just listen to him and be calm. He probably will mouth off at you but…try to rise above it.”

Iestyn sighed even more heavily. “If I’d ever dared to talk to my da that way, he would have belted me bare.”

Jack hesitated, thinking hard on that. He patted Iestyn on the arm. “I don’t think that would help.”

Iestyn nodded. “I’ll try to remember that.”

Jack nodded, approvingly and stood. “I’d better go. Things to do.”

Iestyn saw him to the door. “Stop by again soon.”

“I will. And I’ll be keeping an eye on things.” He patted Iestyn’s shoulder again. “Don’t worry. Everything will be all right.”

Jack headed back to the B&B. When he let himself in to the room, he was startled to discover it was in darkness. Holding his breath, he stepped inside looking for Ianto.

He let out a breath. Ianto was there. Jack frowned. He was curled up on his bed, holding his head and crying.

Jack rushed straight over and dropped down beside the bed. “Ianto?”

Ianto suddenly sat up and pushed at Jack’s shoulder hard. “Get off. Go away. You hurt him. He’s here to look after me and you hurt him.”


“You’re trying to send him away, I know it.”

Jack reached out and caught hold of Ianto’s shoulders. Ianto struggled hard but Jack held onto him.

“Ianto, stop it right now,” he commanded.

Ianto stopped and stared at him. “I…I…”

Jack softened his grip. “It’s going to be all right, Ianto. You’ve got to trust me.” He took his hand and kissed it. “You’re my boy and I’m going to look after you. Understand?”

Ianto sagged and leaned forwards onto Jack’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. I can’t…think. I feel so confused.”

Jack rubbed his back. “I know. I understand.” He held him close. “It’s going to be okay.”

Ianto held onto Jack for a moment, then pulled back. “Jack, I remember something.”


Ianto frowned. “I remember…you coming to my house and…eating Jammie Dodgers with my da.”

Jack bit his lip. “Er, yeah, that’s where I’ve just come from.”

“Leave my da out of it, Jack,” Ianto growled.

“You need your dad, Ianto. You…your younger self needs him to be there for you.”

Ianto looked away. “My da didn’t know how to do that. He can’t help.”

Jack took his hand and squeezed it. “I’m going to help him. You’ll see. It’ll be all right.”

Ianto pulled back, frowning, and didn’t say anything.


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