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Fic- Five Firsts 5/5

Title: Five Firsts 5/5

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Ratings: Adult – sex, some themes of grief.

Spoilers: General series 1

Summary: A series of five short fics about Jack and Ianto’s first times.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!

Notes: Sorry this one is a little late. Took a little longer to write! Comments please!



Ianto, feeling sparkling clean, turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. He dried himself off, then made his way through to Jack’s bedroom. Jack was lying in bed, still naked and waiting for Ianto to come back to bed.

Jack grinned at him. “You smell fantastic.”

Ianto, now combing his hair, gave Jack a look. “How can you tell from all the way over there?”

Jack smirked in that irritating, cocky way he used when he wanted to impress. “51st century senses.”

Ianto rolled his eyes. Jack’s grin got wider. But then Ianto didn’t come straight to bed. He picked up the hair dryer and switched it to medium.

Jack put on the biggest pout he could manage. “Hey,” he said, when Ianto paused to comb again. “Aren’t you ever coming to bed?”

“When I've finished drying my hair.”

“Oh but…”

“You can’t be horny again surely? I only fucked you twenty minutes ago.”

Jack’s magnificent pout got even bigger. “I could go for a wank before going to sleep.”

Ianto laughed affectionately. “Well you’re going to have to wait a few minutes or use your own hand.

“Want your hand.”

Ianto smiled indulgently. “Then wait just a few minutes.”

Jack kept pouting but waited without any more complaints. Ianto had got used to Jack’s ways now. He could be such a little boy sometimes. He made Ianto want to look after him. He’d always used to be the one looking after others but for a while he’d needed looking after. And Jack had been there. Now Ianto was there for him too. They looked after each other.

Now dry, he got into bed. Jack immediately curled round him, arms snug around his waist. Ianto settled his head on Jack’s shoulder and snuggled in. Jack dropped a kiss to Ianto’s brow and sighed contentedly.

 “Don’t you want that wank?” Ianto asked.

Jack put his nose in Ianto’s hair and breathed in deeply. “No, I’m just happy to have you in my arms.”

Ianto smacked him lightly on his flat tummy. “Soppy git.”

Jack held him tight. “Damn right.”

Ianto let out a contented breath as Jack pulled the blanket over them both. “So, being fucked twice tonight was enough for you then?” he asked teasingly.

“Mmm,” Jack murmured blissfully. “I can still feel you inside me.”

Ianto looked up at him. “Really?”

Jack sighed, a big grin covering his face. “Yeah. It’s awesome.”

“What does it…feel like?”

Jack glanced at him and smiled. His eyes went glassy. “It’s wonderful, it’s bliss. It’s like…you’re not just inside y body, you’re inside me and, to be able to trust you to do that…It just makes me feel so good.” He blinked and met Ianto’s eyes. “Then when I feel your cock right the way inside me, it’s this bundle of pleasure all at once and it’s the best thing in the whole world.”

Ianto swallowed. “I think…I wanna try it but…does it hurt?”

Jack hesitated. “It can do. First time. But…I’d go slowly and stop if it did hurt. It feels strange first time but…I know what I’m doing.”

“Then…I want you to do it.”

“Not now?”

“No. Tomorrow. Um, come round to mine after work and we’ll…”

Jack dropped a kiss on his forehead. “Yeah. Okay. But at any point you want to change your mind tell me. We can stop at any point, okay?”

Ianto nodded, his insides squirming. “Yeah. Okay.” He closed his eyes and went to sleep, in Jack’s arms.

* * *

Ianto was nervous. He’d gone home and was now waiting for Jack to arrive. The bed was made. He was clean and had dressed casually in jeans and a shirt. There was lube and wet wipes on his bedside table. Now, Jack just had to arrive.

As he compulsively tidied his already spotless house, he thought about what was going to happen. Jack was going to fuck him. A shiver of pleasure went through him. Jack had brought him so much pleasure and warmth. But he was frightened. It was going to hurt. It had to hurt! Jack had said it would just feel a bit strange but Ianto wasn’t so sure. He was scared. He didn’t want Jack to hurt him.

No, Jack wouldn’t hurt him. Not ever. Ianto knew that. For months now, Jack had been solid and strong and warm for Ianto. He wouldn’t turn cold for Ianto, not ever.

His doorbell rang. Ianto, his hands shaking, went to answer it. Jack was there, smiling softly at him.

“Hi,” said Ianto.

Jack looked him carefully up and down. “Hey. Feeling okay?”

Ianto nodded and swallowed. “Nervous.”

Jack nodded. “Yeah. You’re bound to be.”

Ianto stood back. “Come in.”

Jack did, then turned to shut the door behind him. “You want to have a drink first, or…”

As he turned back, he was cut off by Ianto pouncing on him and kissing him hard on the mouth. Suddenly finding himself with an armful of Ianto was no bad thing and he returned Ianto’s passionate kiss eagerly. Jack found himself being pulled towards the stairs. Somehow, they made it up to Ianto’s bedroom.

Ianto was hard. Just having Jack near him was enough to get him hard. But kissing him, feeling his hand on his hip, knowing what he was about to do, made him ache.

As they stumbled into the bedroom, Ianto pulled at Jack’s clothing. Jack reached for him and they slid open buttons and dragged down flies ad in a few moments they were naked and pressing against one another.

Ianto pulled back and lay down on the bed. “Okay, I’m ready. Let’s get this over with.”

Jack laughed. “Let’s not rush it.”

He got on the bed and settled beside Ianto. There, he kissed him again on the mouth, then moved his way downwards. He kissed his way down Ianto’s body until he reached his cock.

Ianto squirmed with pleasure when Jack took him into his mouth and began to suck. Jack was getting him ready.

Jack swallowed him deep. Ianto felt himself approaching the edge and he tugged at Jack.


Jack pulled back and looked up at him. “What’s the matter?”

“You’re gonna make me come doing that.”

Jack grinned. “That’s the idea.” He went back to the task in hand.

Ianto pulled him back again. “But…I wanna come when you…fuck me.”

Jack grinned wider. “You will. That’ll be the second time you come tonight.”


“It’ll relax you, make the main event a bit easier.”


Jack stroked Ianto’s hips. “Ianto, you’re not even twenty five yet. You’ll be able to come twice so don’t worry about it.”

Ianto blushed and didn’t object as Jack returned his mouth to Ianto’s cock. He tilted his head back and lost himself in the heat and softness of Jack’s mouth surrounding him.

As Jack took him down his throat and swallowed around him, Ianto jerked and came. He felt Jack swallow him down.

He collapsed, his limbs jelly. Dimly, he was aware of Jack reaching to the bedside table. Then he was between his legs and brushing cool, slicked fingers over his hole.

Ianto moaned softly. “Yeah.”

Jack pressed gently at Ianto’s hole and slipped a finger inside. Ianto squirmed. “It feels weird.”

Jack gave him a soft smile. “Yeah. I know. Just bear with me.”

Ianto kept his eyes on Jack. It was okay, Jack was going to make him feel good. Jack adding another finger and twisted them round.

Ianto arched up, pleasure jerking through him. “Fuck, oh fuck!”

Jack laughed. “Good, huh?”

Ianto tugged at his shoulders. “More, please Jack.”

Jack pressed a kiss to his once again hard cock. “Be patient. Nice and slow, remember?”

Ianto wriggled. Jack was going so slowly, it was driving him mad. He wanted more! He pulled at Jack’s shoulder. “Please, more, go quicker.”

Jack shook his head and slowly inched in a bit more. “Slow and steady,” he grunted.

Ianto looked at him and realised how much of an effort Jack was making to go slowly. Ianto felt a thrill go through his belly. Jack was putting his own pleasure aside to make things good for Ianto.

Ianto breathed deeply. Jack was halfway inside him now and it felt so strange. He was being stretched and filled. He wanted to both pull away and pull Jack closer. It was strange, really strange but somewhere, it kinda felt good.

Jack wrapped a hand around his cock and gave him a few deft strokes. His hips trembled with the effort of keeping still. “Okay?”

Ianto made an effort to slow down his breathing. “Yeah, just hang on a minute.”

Jack supported himself on his hand either side of Ianto’s hips. His face was close to Ianto’s and he stayed absolutely still. “Hanging on,” he breathed.

Ianto reached out and held onto Jack’s hips as he felt his insides adjusting to Jack’s cock. Jack looked into his eyes, checking he was okay.

Ianto breathed out and felt himself relax into Jack. Jack grinned at him. “That’s it. There you go.”

Ianto flattened his palms against Jack’s hips. “I’m ready. Go all the way.”

Jack nodded. He took a deep breath, then pushed his hips forwards and slid all the way inside Ianto. Ianto cried out as the blunt end of Jack’s cock hit his prostate and electricity shot through him. If Jack hadn’t been holding onto his cock by its base, he would have come. As the dizzying spots in Ianto’s eyes began to fade, he wondered at the pleasure. He had know about the prostate. He’d researched it and he’d seen Jack’s response to his being stimulated. But he’d never realised how exhilarating that pleasure would be.

Fully buried, balls deep, in Ianto, Jack held still again. Ianto took the time to feel what it was like to have Jack all the way inside him. It was weird but strangely good. He adjusted quickly and suddenly he was desperate for Jack to thrust.

He tugged on Jack’s arm. “I’m ready.”

Jack nodded and, with obvious relief, began to move. He drew back slowly, then pushed forwards and in seconds, he was fucking Ianto. Ianto had no time or blood in his brain to think about the fact that he was being fucked. There pleasure was too good. He lost himself in the dizzying pleasure of Jack’s cock inside him.

Jack began to move his hand up and down Ianto’s cock, wanking him off in time to his thrusts. Ianto had no awareness of anything else, just the ever increasing pleasure.

Suddenly, it was all too much and he lost it. He felt his entire body clenching around Jack and he arched and came, with Jack’s name on his lips.

Jack thrust one final time, then came with a grunt and collapsed on top of Ianto, still inside him. Ianto lay there in a sated bliss. All the stories about Jack were true, even the ones he told himself. That was the most incredible pleasure Ianto had ever experienced.

Jack kissed him. “Okay?”

Ianto murmured contentedly and turned to kiss Jack’s cheek. He couldn’t quite summon words.

Jack laughed. “That good, huh?”

Ianto just grinned stupidly.

Jack kissed him on the lips and held him close for a moment. Then he pulled back. “I’m going to pull out now,” he whispered.

Ianto lay still and felt the peculiar sensation of Jack sliding out of him. It didn’t hurt, just felt weird. He became aware of the warmth of Jack’s come inside him. Jack reached for the wet wipes and cleaned him up. Ianto watched him do it, thinking how strange it was that he was letting somebody do something this intimate. Somewhere along the way, he’d come to trust Jack.

Jack switched the light out, then returned to him and pulled the covers over them both. He snuggled in close to Ianto and Ianto held him in return.

Ianto settled into Jack and the happy blissfulness stayed with him into his dreams.


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  • Fic- Trying Something New

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