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Fic- Oh Christmas Tree

Title: Oh Christmas Tree

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Ratings: Teen – some grief issues

Spoilers: Series 2

Summary: There was a Christmas tree in the hub.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!

Notes: A little Christmas treat for my lovely readers. Comments please!




There was a Christmas tree in the hub. Jack spotted it as soon as he came upstairs the morning of December 24th. He’d woken alone in his bed and had wondered where Ianto had got to. It was still early and it was unusual for Ianto to disappear off before Jack woke.

Jack stared at the merry golden lights. The tree seemed wrong, out of place. There weren’t Christmas trees in the hub, not whilst Jack was in charge. This was Ianto’s doing.

“Ianto!” he barked. “Where are you?”

Ianto appeared from the medical bay. His fingers ran up and down the hem of his jacket. “Morning.” His voice broke a little.

Jack was on edge. “Ianto, what the hell is this tree doing here? I don’t think we’ve got a lot to celebrate, do you? Tosh and Owen are gone and there’s nothing left to be happy about.”

Ianto frowned. “There’s always something.” He reached out and straightened the star on top of the small tree.

Jack clenched and unclenched his fists several times. “What exactly is there to be happy about, Ianto?” he snapped.

Ianto met Jack’s eyes straight on. “How about the fact that we’re still here. You, me and Gwen. How about the fact that millions of people are alive because of us? How about the fact that life still goes on?”


“’Cause if you can’t appreciate those things, Jack, then you might as well have stayed buried in the dirt.”

Jack opened and closed his mouth several times, then bowed his head and swallowed hard.

“Come here, Jack,” Ianto said. His voice was soft but nevertheless a command.

Jack obeyed. When he got close, Ianto reached out, took his hand and tugged him close. Jack found himself with his nose in Ianto’s warm shoulder.

“It’s okay, Jack. Christmas is a time be with friends and family. Tosh and Owen would want us to be happy.” He stroked Jack’s cheek and kissed the top of his head. “And Owen would want us to get hammered on port.”

Jack cracked a smile and raised his head to look into Ianto’s soft eyes. He stroked Ianto’s cheek.

“Happy Christmas, Ianto.”

Ianto returned his smile. “Happy Christmas, Jack.”

Their lips met and they held each other close as they engaged in a soft, deep kiss. As Jack rested his head on Ianto’s shoulder again and looked at the tree, he smiled. “I guess that thing is not so bad after all. Looks kinda…jolly.”

Ianto grinned, holding Jack tight against him. “Well, it was decorated by me. I am on official expert at decorating Christmas trees.”

Jack kept his eyes on the tree. “Next year, we’ll decorate it together.” He found Ianto’s hand and squeezed. “Promise.”



Tags: angst, fanfic, fluff

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