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Fic- Looking After Jack

Title: Looking After Jack

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Ratings: Adult –spanking

Spoilers: Nothing major

Summary: Ianto looks after Jack.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!

Notes: Comments make me write more!



Sometimes, Jack really hated weevils. All he wanted was a nice evening in with Ianto, enjoying that steady company and being close with him. But no. Weevils always had to ruin it. Still, at least Ianto was chasing them down with him.

They’d been called to a sighting of a large group of them loitering near the town centre. They hadn’t done anything so far but Jack was in no mood to be lenient. He knew a pack of weevils could be dangerous.

Ianto was fast. Jack appreciated that. They came armed with spray and handcuffs. They preferred not to take a weevil captive unless they really had to.

The weevils recognised them and most of them began to slope off when they saw Jack and Ianto approaching. Ianto glanced across at Jack and they shared a nod. They circled around the group. Ianto waved his spray in warning. A couple more of the weevils scarpered. One edged closer to Jack, eyeing him up.

Jack raised his spray. The weevil snarled at him, then leapt. Jack heard Ianto shout. Jack dropped his spray and tackled the weevil to the ground. He had it pinned and he raised his hand and punched it hard. It stilled but he didn’t stop. He punched it again and again. Jack was vaguely aware of struggles behind him but he ignored everything but forcing his fist into the weevil’s face again and again.

“Jack, stop it.” Ianto was suddenly standing right above him. His voice was an unquestionable command.

Jack looked up and realised all was quiet. Most of the weevils had run away. One lay handcuffed on the ground, sprayed unconscious by Ianto. The weevil underneath Jack was still. Its eyes were closed and there was blood spouting from its nose and mouth.


Ianto was the picture of calm. “Get up, Jack.”

Jack got up and stood back, feeling lost. Ianto bent down and checked the weevil. “It’s okay. Help me get these in the van.”

Jack quietly did as he was told. He felt numb. He’d lost it, really lost it.

When they’d loaded the two weevils into the SUV, Ianto climbed into the driver’s seat. Jack sat in the passenger seat and sat silently, staring at his folded hands. Ianto’s manner was severe. Jack felt anxiety swirling in his stomach. Ianto didn’t speak to him. He just drove them back to the hub.

When they returned, they took the weevils down to the cells. The one Jack had punched was beginning to wake up. Ianto locked him in the cell, the watched to see it regained its faculties.

Then he turned to Jack. His eyes were still terribly stern.

“Jack, we have a situation to deal with,” he said. His voice was firm and hard.

Jack looked down at the floor, wringing his hands. “Yeah.”

Ianto reached out and placed a gentle hand on Jack’s arm. Jack felt the swirling in his tummy ease a little at Ianto’s touch. “I want you to go downstairs to your bedroom and stand in the corner.” His voice was terribly stern too but now that Jack could feel his hand on his arm, the strict manner was tempered by a blanket of warmth around him.

Jack did as he was told. He knew Ianto would follow soon after him and he felt safe, but he knew Ianto really was going to deal with the situation.

He stood in the corner and put his hands on his head. Ianto hadn’t told him to, but Jack knew the expectation was there.

He didn’t have to wait long. He knew Ianto was clearly up before coming to deal with him.

He heard Ianto’s feet on the stepladder and he heard a drawer opening. Then Ianto was saying Jack’s name.

“Jack, come here now.”

Jack turned and went over to Ianto. Ianto still had that stern manner. Jack noticed that the hairbrush had been removed from the drawer and placed on the bedside table. Jack tried not to look at it.

“Jack, you behaved appallingly tonight.”

Jack bent his head.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, Jack.”

Jack snapped his head back up and met Ianto’s eyes. There was compassion there and he realised the reason for Ianto’s order. Ianto knew he needed to see him, even though Jack hadn’t himself realised.

Ianto continued the lecture. “You lost your temper and took your frustrations out on an innocent creature. Just because it’s a weevil, doesn’t mean you can treat it anyway you like.”


“Hush, Jack. I’m going to spank you now.”

Jack stood still as Ianto reached out to him, unclipped his braces and undid his trousers. Jack didn’t resist.

Ianto took a seat on the bed and tugged Jack over his lap. Jack knew Ianto was doing to right thing. He wanted to run away but he knew he was safe here. He knew Ianto was doing what was necessary.

The first spank, though he’d been expecting it, came as a shock. It was sharp and the sting cut through his trousers and throbbed across his bottom. Ianto didn’t pause. He set up a punishing rhythm, spanking Jack’s bottom hard. Jack was left in no doubt that he was in trouble.

When Jack began to squirm a little, Ianto paused and took down Jack’s trousers. He gave him a few light smacks over his dark blue boxer shorts, then took those down as well.

The first smack on Jack’s bare bum cheek made Jack cry out. Ianto put his free arm across Jack’s back and held him securely. Jack felt free to squirm and cry with that strong arm across his back.

Jack felt Ianto’s hand create throbbing heat in his bare bottom as he continued to spank him sharply. Jack held tight to Ianto’s leg.

“Ow, ow, I’m sorry. Ow, please,” he gasped.

Ianto took no notice, just continued to spank him hard. The heat was almost unbearable now and Ianto continued to bring his hand down again and again on his red and tender cheeks.

 Then he stopped. Jack felt him reaching for something and Jack’s body tensed. He knew what Ianto was picking up. The hairbrush. Jack feared the hairbrush.

Ianto tugged up his shirt and put his warm hand on the small of Jack’s back. Jack let out a breath. Ianto wouldn’t hurt him. He would just give him the punishment he needed.

Ianto raised the hairbrush and brought it down firmly on Jack’s sit spot. It stung, adding more heat to his throbbing bottom.

Jack whimpered. Ianto brought the hairbrush down a further five punishing times, then grasped Jack’s hand and tugged him up.

Jack, much to his surprise, found himself envelop in a hug, pressing his nose against Ianto’s chest and sobbing quietly. Ianto held him close, rubbing his back and stroking his hair. Jack didn’t know why he was crying. He tried to pull back from Ianto but Ianto held him there firmly.

“It’s okay. Let it out.” There was still that commanding tone to Ianto’s voice.

Jack found himself unable to disobey. He pressed his face into Ianto’s warm neck and let it all go. He sobbed hard. He still didn’t know why but there seemed to be something inside him which needed to get out. It was like a big knot of hurt and lying there, in Ianto’s arms and with his well-spanked bottom still exposed to the room, it seemed to be uncurling itself.

After a while, Jack’s sobs eased. He let out a breath and looked up at Ianto. Ianto smiled at him.

“Feeling better?”

Jack nodded, his eyes blurry with confusion. “Yeah. I don’t…know why…”

Ianto chuckled softly. “Don’t worry about it.” He pulled back, kissed Jack on the brow, patted him on the bottom, then stood up. Jack wriggled a little. Ianto’s pat had made him even more aware of how much his bottom was throbbing.

Ianto didn’t go far. He put the hairbrush away, then came back and began to unlace Jack’s boots. Jack lay still, not obstructing Ianto as he undressed him. When Jack was naked, Ianto tugged the covers over him and kissed the top of his head.

“I won’t be a moment.”

Jack snuggled under the blankets, feeling safe and happy and watched Ianto go into the bathroom. He watched the door until Ianto came back.

When Ianto did return, he was naked and carrying his suit. He hung the jacket and trousers up on their hanger on the wardrobe door, then put the rest of his clothing in the wash basket. He dealt with Jack’s clothes, then came to bed.

He put his arm around Jack and held him close. “Time to go to sleep now,” he murmured.

Jack closed his eyes, feeling settled and happy. His last thoughts before he went to sleep were about how nice it was to have Ianto’s strong arm around him and his hot hand on Jack’s well-spanked bottom.

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