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Fic- Kiss My Mouth

Title: Kiss My Mouth

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Ratings: Adult – sex

Spoilers: Nothing major

Summary: Jack gives Ianto what he needs.

Disclaimers: I own nothing!

Notes: Ok, this is just porn. Enjoy! I did. Comments make me write more!



I can feel you stalking me. I go about my work, waiting for your hands to grasp me. They will come. I will put up a token fight.

I don’t look at you, though I know your eyes are on me. I can feel your heat across the hub. I can feel your impatience, waiting until we are alone.

My body is eager. I can feel it jerking in anticipation of your touch. But I have to wait. I glance across at you and meet your eyes. They are bright and you nod ever so slightly in my direction.

The others file out. I don’t pay them any attention. As the door shuts behind them, I collect their used mugs and return them to the kitchen area. I can feel you watching me.

I make my way to your office. There’s bound to be at least five dirty mugs in there. At the door, I hesitate.

And then it comes. Your hands hard on my hips, grasping me and pushing me forwards. You push me into the doorframe and hiss in my ear.

“Hold on.”

I want to put up a fight, just to see what you will do. I push back against you, writhing and not obeying. You grab my wrists in a painful embrace. I gasp as warmth floods my body.

You force my hands up and pin them to the doorframe straight above my head. I struggle, to see if you can stop me breaking free. You hold me with one hand and smack your other palm into my thigh hard. It leaves a burning spot of pleasure.

You reach into your coat and bring something out. As you bring it up to my hands, you wave it in front of me so I can see it. It’s an electronic device, something from the future no doubt. It clicks onto my wrists and I cannot move them from the doorframe.

You laugh, hot in my ear. “You won’t be getting out of that, my boy.”

Your hands pull away from me and I whimper, writhing in my electronic bond. I can’t see you, can only feel your heat, not quite close enough to me.

“Please,” I gasp. You’ve barely done anything yet already my cock is fighting against my briefs.

You return to me, palm my hips hard. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” Your voice is a harsh breath against my cheek. You lick a burning wet path along my jaw with your tongue. I whimper in pleasure and you bite down hard on my ear lobe.

I cry out, then it dims to a sob as you kiss my wound better. It hurts but…I want more. I always want more of the things you do to me.

Your hands are moving again. They follow the smooth leather of my belt towards the buckle. You slide it open, ease the button from the hole, drag down the zip. I shiver in anticipation. I know what you’re going to do.

When you shove down my trousers and underwear, a cool draft blows across me. But it does nothing to diminish my erection. Instead, the feelings of exposure and vulnerability make it twitch.

“You love it, don’t you, Ianto? You love being exposed for me, don’t you?”

“Oh, god, Jack,” I gasp.

You chuckle against me and your hands travel down to my cock. Your warm fingers brush lightly against the head of my cock and I moan in pleasure.

“Please, Jack, want you inside me.”

You press a kiss to my cheek. “Be patient, my gorgeous boy. You’ll get what you want.”

You walk around me and face me. I look into your eyes. I can see your arousal as clear as anything. You hold my gaze and smile. I grin back at you. I like this mood you’re in.

You reach out for my hip, brush it with your fingers and slide back around me. You stand at my back and your hand withdraws as you prepare yourself. I can’t bear to wait but I must.

You make it quick for me. I feel your heat close to me and then your finger is pushing between my buttocks and inside me. I buck at the welcome intrusion. You rest your chin on my shoulder and hold me with one strong arm as you work your finger inside me. More fingers are added and you work me until I am desperate for your cock inside me instead.

You know what I need. You pause to undo your pants and pull out your cock. I only have to wait a moment before you are sliding inside me, your hand still on my hip.

You press your mouth to my neck, holding me close and thrusting deep inside me. I want to reach round and hold you but my hands are still restrained. I tug at them in frustration.

I feel your eyes on me, then you are reaching up and undoing my restraint. “Keep one hand up there,” you whisper.

I obey, holding on tight to the doorframe with one hand and you with the other. I am anchored onto you.

You’re fucking me hard and deep and I ride the waves of your movements. My cock jerks in response to each hard thrust.

“That’s it,” you murmur. “Let yourself go.” Your breath is ragged but your voice shows your control.

I hold on so tight to you that my fingers begin to ache. But I don’t focus on that. I concentrate on you. You inside me, you thrusting deep, your hand on my hip, your breath on my neck.

I can feel you are close. Your heavy breathing has turned into moans and grunts of pleasure. Your hand moves down to my cock and squeezes.

I lose control and come all over your hand, shouting your name.

You press your mouth to my neck, thrust one more time and come deep inside me.

I sag against you. You hold me up, wrapping both arms around me and embracing me close. “You always give me what I need.”

A shiver of pleasure goes through me at your words. I love to please you. You take hold of hand and bring it down from the doorframe. You don’t speak, just lead me downstairs.

I’m so tired now, but you hold me, undress me, clean me, then lay me down in bed. I tug your arm and you join me. You wrap your arms around me and press kisses to my cheek.

I want to feel your mouth on mine. You haven’t kissed my mouth yet tonight.

You’re gazing at me. You touch my face with one hand, then lean into me. “Ianto,” you whisper and your lips brush my mouth. Then you are kissing me soft and deep. I hold onto you.

You pull back and we smile at each other. “What do you think?” you say. “Shall we nap and go for round two later on?”

I hold you tight against me. “Yeah. Later on.” I close my eyes and drift into a satisfied sleep, with your body curled around me.

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