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Fic- Believe It

Title: Believe It

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Ratings: PG – mild swearing

Spoilers: Nothing major

Summary: Snuggling in front of the telly.

Disclaimers: I own nothing

Notes: Comments make me write more!



Ianto likes to watch television in bed. At the end of a long day, when he’s on his own at home, the TV relaxes him, lets him zone out. Jack knows this.

It’s late. Jack lets himself into Ianto’s place, wondering if Ianto will be asleep. It’s selfish of him but Jack always hopes Ianto will still be awake when he arrives. Talking to Ianto before he goes to sleep is what lets Jack relax.

He takes off his coat and boots in the hall, hanging up his coat and lining up his boots against the wall out of the way. He’s been well trained to do that. Ianto goes mad if he trips up on Jack’s boots as he stumbles into the kitchen for his first cup of coffee.

He makes his way upstairs through the darkness. He knows the layout of Ianto’s little house well enough to do this safely by now. And Ianto never leaves anything lying around.

As he approaches Ianto’s bedroom door, he can hear the TV is on. Light glows from underneath Ianto’s door.

Jack goes inside. The lights are off and only the flickering light of the television lights the room, just enough for Jack to see Ianto lying in bed.

He is lying on his side under the covers, eyes glued to the telly, which has some comedy quiz show on. Ianto notices him and waves but doesn’t look away from the telly.

Jack smiles, undresses and climbs into bed beside Ianto.

Ianto is naked save for a pair of rather snug briefs. Jack spoons against him, pressing himself close, wrapping his arms around Ianto and savouring his warmth.

Jack traces his fingers across Ianto’s stomach, mostly flat and slightly furry. Jack never thought he’d get so used to body hair.

“That’s nice,” Ianto murmurs.

Jack nuzzles his neck, breathes on his hot skin.

Ianto giggles. “Hey, that tickles.”

Jack just grins. He dots a line of kisses down from Ianto’s neck to his shoulder and down his arm.

Ianto murmurs softly with pleasure but doesn’t close his eyes as usual because he’s watching the telly.  

Jack pouts against Ianto’s upper arm. “Hey, give me some attention.”

Ianto smiles and reaches around to pat Jack’s arm. “I’m just watching this. Cuddle me.”

Jack tightens his arms around Ianto. His boy is in his arms, warm and soft. Jack kisses his cheek, nuzzles into his warmth. It feels so good just to be able to hold Ianto, to see him so relaxed, to share his bedtime routine with him.

“My beautiful boy,” he murmurs.

Ianto turns and looks at him. “Why do you call me that?”

Jack kisses him again. “Because that’s what you are.”

Ianto blushes and smiles. “You’re so full of it, Jack.”

Jack grasps hold of Ianto, flips him on his back and presses into him. “I’m full of the truth.” He looks right into Ianto’s eyes. Ianto flinches but cannot look away from Jack’s intense gaze.

“And I’m telling you the truth,” says Jack, still holding Ianto’s gaze. “You are beautiful and you’re my boy.” He catches hold of Ianto’s chin in a firm grip. “And you’d damn well better believe it.”

Just as suddenly as he’d grabbed him, Jack lets go and rolls off him. He can feel Ianto watching him.

Jack doesn’t look at him, just lies on his back and closed his eyes. After a moment, Ianto shuffles, then turns the telly off and snuggles close to Jack. Jack puts his arm around him and holds him tight.

“Jack,” Ianto murmurs. He presses his face into Jack’s neck and breathes him in deeply. “Thank you.”

Jack smiles and presses a kiss into his hair. “You’re welcome, my beautiful boy.”

Tags: fanfic, fluff

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