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Fic- The Captain and the Boy 10/65

Title: The Captain and The Boy 10/65

Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Others, Ianto/Others

Ratings: Adult – graphic sex and some violence throughout

Spoilers: General spoilers for first 2 series

Summary: An AU version of Jack, Ianto and Torchwood. Some pre-series.

Disclaimers: I own nothing.

Notes: With thanks to oncomingscone and rowanheart24 for their glorious help! Comments make me write more. I hope you enjoy this. I’ve been working on this story for nearly a year and it’s finally finished. I’ve very proud of it and I hope it’s good enough for my lovely readers! This is a finished series and won’t be abandoned. I’m planning to post a chapter a day (at roughly the same time) until it’s finished.



Jack didn’t want to go home that night. All he could think about was empty spaces waiting for him, the spaces which could never be filled again.

He’d already made his mind up to sleep at the hub that night. He could easily pretend to the others that he wanted to keep an eye on the situation with the latest alien problem to come through the rift. But really, he was sparing barely a moment’s thought for that. He couldn’t bring himself to care.

It was late and he was on tenterhooks waiting for the others to leave so he could go out. Owen had gone long ago, out on the pull Jack suspected. But Tosh was running one more scan and Suzie was bent over the large metal glove and the knife which had come with it. They’d found it only a few months ago. Jack had left it to Suzie. It didn’t hold much interest for him. And right then he was beginning to wish they’d never discovered it in the first place.

He checked his watch. It was nearly midnight. This was the latest he’d ever been to see Ianto. He wondered how long Ianto stayed out. Probably until he’d earned enough for the night. As Jack checked he had enough cash in his wallet, he wondered who decided if Ianto had earned enough money. Did he decide himself or was there some shady pimp behind the scenes?

“Right,” he said, storming out of his office. “I want to see all you lot gone in the next five minutes. There’s no emergencies, no worlds are ending and there’s no damn call to be skulking around here at this time of night.”

“But, Jack, I’ve got things to be getting on with,” protested Tosh.

“And I’m knee deep in research on the glove,” put in Suzie.

“Tough. It’s time you were all off drinking or fucking or watching telly or whatever the hell you like. I really don’t care, as long as you’re out of my hub in the next five minutes.”

He turned to go.

“But, Jack!” Tosh called after him. He ignored her and grabbed his coat. When he turned back, Suzie was ushering Tosh out of the door but showing no signs of following her.

“You too, Suzie. I don’t care what critical juncture you’re at with that damn glove, I want you gone.”

Suzie crossed her arms across her chest and fixed Jack with a look. “And what about you, Jack? You’re sending us off as soon as you can get away with it every night. Where does that leave you? Normally you hang onto us for as long as you can.”

Jack shrugged. “I’ve got other things to do. And so have you.” He manoeuvred her towards the door. “Now, off with you. Go and find Owen.”

Suzie’s shoulders tensed. “Oh. We’re…not really…”

Jack squeezed her shoulder. “It’s probably for the best.” He kissed her cheek. “Find somebody else, Suzie.” He sighed. “Though it’s not exactly easy out there, is it?”

She turned into him and stroked the insignia on his shoulder. He tensed, the memory of Ianto’s caress flashing through his mind.

“I could stay here with you,” Suzie whispered. “We don’t have to be alone, Jack. We could help each other.” And before he could react, she leaned in and was kissing him.

It wasn’t like him to refuse this from anyone but he found himself pulling away. “No, Suzie,” he whispered.

Her expression showed devastation and rejection. Jack pushed past his guilt and tried to focus on doing what was right.

“You don’t want me, Suzie.”

She pulled at him. “I do, Jack. And I’ve been watching you. Such pain in your eyes, Jack. You’re lonely, aren’t you? You need me just as much as I need you.”

“You don’t need me, Suzie. You’re fine.” He looked away. “You’ll be fine.” He squeezed her shoulder. “Now go on. Get yourself home.”

She looked away, closed her eyes and nodded. “I’m sorry, Jack,” she whispered.

Jack pulled himself up straight. “That’s all right. We’ll just forget it and move on. Now, go home, get yourself into a hot bath and then straight to bed,” he said, adopting the fatherly voice he found worked so well on all of them.

She smiled and nodded. “Yeah.” Her voice was slightly hoarse but she sounded okay really. “See you tomorrow,” she said and was gone.

Jack took several deep breaths, then stepped onto the invisible lift and was off into the dark night, alone.

* * *

He arrives out of the darkness, big and strong, Ianto’s saving grace. But as the Captain steps closer, Ianto can see how his strength crumbles.

Ianto reaches out for him, sliding an arm around his neck and pulling him close. The Captain breathes deliberately as though he might stop if he doesn’t  focus.

“Ianto,” he whispers, pressing his face into Ianto’s neck and holding him tight.

“Shush,” Ianto murmurs, rocking the Captain gently. He doesn’t ask what’s wrong. It’s not up to him to know.

The Captain is trembling and Ianto does wonder what has happened. He can’t help being interested. He still doesn’t ask.

But he knows what the Captain needs. It is what they all need, except somehow this more than it is with any of them.

He turns the Captain’s face towards his, presses their lips together. The Captain clings to him, giving himself over to Ianto’s control.

Ianto turns him gently into the wall, kissing him firmly. The Captain whimpers, his breathing hard and his entire body shaking.

“Shush,” Ianto whispers, stroking the Captain’s face. He trails his hand down the Captain’s body, into his coat and slowly opens his trousers.

The Captain’s belly is moving quickly in and out and when Ianto tugs out his cock, it is hard. Ianto strokes it gently, feeling for the soft hitch in his breath. Ianto ghosts his hand over the moist head of the Captain’s cock and there it is, the hitch.

Ianto lifts his eyes to the Captain’s, meets those bright blue pools. The Captain gazes back at him and Ianto is startled to see absolute trust in his eyes. Ianto isn’t used to being trusted. He’s not used to being more than a fuck toy.

The Captain holds on tight to Ianto, like he is the only thing he has to hold onto. Ianto kisses him softly and begins to move against him, rocking his crotch against the Captain’s cock.

The Captain tugs at him, reaches in between them and pulls ineffectually at the fastening of his jeans.

“Wanna…” he gasps.

Ianto smiles, kisses the corner of the Captain’s mouth. “You want to what?”

The Captain pushes against him. “Wanna feel you.”

Ianto smiles and undoes his pants, gasping as the Captain delves in and grasps his cock.

The Captain’s arms go around Ianto and holds him close as they fall into a rough rhythm of rocking against each other.

They are both gasping, both crying out and both holding on tight to each other. Their lips meet in a passionate kiss. The Captain jerks against Ianto and suddenly they are both coming, pressing hard against each other and crying out into each other’s mouths.

They breathe into each other. Ianto doesn’t want to let go but he knows it is over.

The Captain raises his hand to Ianto’s cheek, strokes it and gazes into his eyes. “Thank you, Ianto,” he whispers.

Ianto holds him tight, wishing he would stay but knowing he will go. “It’s what I’m here for, Captain.”

The Captain holds his gaze for a moment, then presses the wrinkled notes into his hand. Ianto feels wrong taking them. This wasn’t about money. But he needs it so he folds the money into his pocket and doesn’t resist as the Captain pulls back. With one last look at Ianto, the Captain is gone, disappearing into the darkness and Ianto wishes he knew when he will return.

Ianto leans back against the wall, puts himself away and sighs deeply. He doesn’t notice the half-Asian woman in a black coat watching him from the shadows.

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